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Thread: feel a right numpty!!!

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    feel a right numpty!!!


    I sent my driving licence off 2 weeks ago to update my photo and to change name and address as i have recently got married.

    I filled in the D1 form and thought all was well

    Well rung up today as i still had not heard, and they said its been sent to the medical department, i asked why and they said they dont know as it hasn't been scanned onto computer system yet and that takes up to 10 days

    He stated i needed to fill a M1 form and i could get this online and email it back to them for quickness. upon looking at this form its mostly about mental health conditions, so i rang them back and stated that they only illness i have is diabetes and it is diet controlled so i don't need to inform them, so what do i need to fill a M1 form for.

    The man stated that he couldn't tell me what i had ticked in the medical section as the form had not been scanned in and to phone back in 10 days. I asked that if i had ticked a wrong box, then would they just send it over to the other side of the dvla to issue me with my licence as i dont need a medical one, he said it doesn't work like that as they need to get in touch with my gp to state i dont have the medical condition i ticked which will take about 8 weeks and then it gets assessed and if it has been filled in wrong then i need to reapply with another D1 form which will take another 3 weeks to get sorted.

    He said it would take me about 3 months to get my licence, but that i was legally allowed to drive in the mean time, so now i am very p*****off as my nice new mobility car mazda 3 sports nav which i pick up on 12 Feb i wont be able to drive as i cant go on the insurance till i get my licence with my new name and address on it, so hubby will have to drive it.

    has anyone got any ideas which can speed up the process, i feel soooooo stupid and silly at the moment, but hubby has a huge big grin wen he heard that he will be able to drive it for the first 3 months without me moaning at him!!!!


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    I can’t understand why DVLA return times are so long in this instance as when I had to tell the DVLA about my disabling stroke I had back in 2008 that included going through the medical section of DVLA the turnaround was about 2 weeks.

    This time included communication time with my stroke consultant and my GP.

    My full license that I had from 1973 was changed from any car to auto’s only with adapted controls but my GP put a spoke in the works because the DVLA sent a copy of the letter they sent me to my GP as well and she rang me up to say she was getting in touch with DVLA because I was not fit to drive a car with my old license and she came to this conclusion after the letter from DVLA said on it that “Mr My Name can continue to drive with the current license he has” and then it continued to list the adaption’s.

    The doctor took this to mean I could carry on driving in any car and if you looked at the way DVLA had worded the letter it did make it look as if I could drive a manual car with no adaption. However after my GP got my permission to talk to DVLA it turned out it was a standard letter and as I was not required to retake my driving test then I still had the same driving license but with exclusions.

    Sorry for long story but what I’m saying with all the confusion my GP put into the mix it still only took 2 weeks to get my license but perhaps the longer times are due to the cuts.

    Wish you luck with your license and a speedy return of it.

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    thanks for the reply chrisk

    At the moment i feel as if i have self destruct button and am pressing it a little more each day lol

    Just lately wat can go wrong has gone wrong and it usually has happened to me!!!!!

    have no idea why it would take so long, but i dont agree i would have to apply again when it can using another D1 form when they find out i have no medical conditions which they should know about, surely they can just issue my licence, thats what i think should happen, but then again who am i to say am only the silly sod who ticked the wrong box on the licence lol


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