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Thread: How do I fund my powerchair

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    How do I fund my powerchair

    I really need to get a powerchair. My car if funded via motability but how do I find the power chair. I applied for access to work but they're not interested. I have an MS society grant application form but I've no idea how much they'll fund if any and Northants nhs wheelchair service won't even see you unless you need a power chair in the house, which I don't feel I do yet. Any advice from all you knowledgable people please?

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    You're leasing your car through Motability but want to buy a power wheelchair.

    You work and have Asked Access to Work to fund getting one. They will have assessed your need and don't consider t's beneficial or needed.

    The wheelchair service won't just give you an electric wheelchair because you think you need one.

    If you have two strong arms can you self propel using a manual wheelchair. The wheelchair service would only supply an indoor power char if you don't have a ramp or level access.

    An indoor/outdoor wheelchair will probably need to be self-funded.

    Apply to the MS Society as they may put 1000 towards it.

    Most charities will mean-test you and as you work won't qualify.

    Maybe you could contact local charities to you, UNISON, local pubs to raise funds for you.

    Good luck

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    Hi Kathiemead,

    Have you tried contacting Turn2Us? They're a charity that gives advice about grants and benefits and they might be able to point you in the right direction. Give them a call on: 0808 802 2000.

    Kind regards,
    DLF Team

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    First find out which power chair you need and want and get a quote. Get THREE quotes from comparative chairs.
    Fill in the grant app. MS Society were quite prompt in their reply to me. This probably won't be enough so unless you have savings try turn2us..............list of grant making charities to whom you can apply.
    I've spoken on here frequently (see LT's thread about his search for a chair)
    Mine is A Benoit Lightdrive
    Manual chair part funded by the NHS voucher scheme and then add on motor & battery funded by grants and gifts.

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