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Thread: Hello all. How to word things for my PIP Appeal

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    Post Hello all. How to word things for my PIP Appeal

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new on hear and looking for a little guidance as I have been refused twice and now going to appeal.
    I believe I'm refused as I've been so terribly tired to even cope with the paper work but i've done my best. However, after sleeping for another 3 days I've realized I haven't given them the actual correct information, as in I've missed some facts out. This concerms me as there really are most days that I'm to tired and weak to cook for myself or even wash or dress. My home is spiralling out of controll as I just can't cope at all. I have no physical strength.

    Ive been on ESA SG for approx 21/2 years now for back problems, incont, confusion, anxiety and depression. Severe physical changes have been going on for about 1/12 years now.

    The problem I have is this.....I've experienced appalling experiences when Iv'e gone to CAB. I was spoken to like a piece of doggy doo, literally. Experiences of this with other people in power has left me to distrust everyone who should help me, so I do things on my own. This makes life so very hard doesn't it?

    Anyway, I've managed to download the forms for an appeal. What I'm trying to find out is what is the 'wording' I use. Can anyone please give me any examples.

    Here is one idea to show you what I mean.
    It says that I can cook for myself. Yes I can when I'm awake on a good day. It's limited thought due to lack of strenghth. on a bad day I can't.
    I told them my bad days are nearly all the time now but I still got 0 points. What should I have put and how can I write all of this.

    I did a test points run on a good day on my own. A day when I was alert. I got 17 points just on the first part.
    When i did it for real i got 2 points.

    I'm sorry if I'm not making much sense. I'm just desperate for some help me as Im so physically weak. it's like my muscles just don't want to work anymore. I feel useless.

    All help greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    It might help if you read the section in the sticky PIP thread on maximising points and follow the links you find there (coloured text), which will give you some ideas. You may also benefit from reading the sticky PIP thread more widely.

    It's probably best to put a skeleton argument (just the key points) on the appeal form itself. If you want to enclose more detailed arguments, do this is a separate document and note in the box for grounds of appeal that you have given more detailed arguments in the enclosed document.

    You are strongly advised to opt for an oral hearing and to attend, as you are much more likely to succeed than at a paper hearing.

    So far as your explanation goes, you need to try to paint a picture of the difficulties you have. This involves writing down what a fly on the wall would see if you tried to do the activity, as well as describing what is going on invisibly (pain, fatigue etc.).

    A blanket statement that amounts to "too tired, can't do it at all" is unlikely to be sufficient. You need to explain what happens if you try the task, whether assistance with part of the task or reasonable aids would help (and if not, why not), and whether you can only manage the task inadequately or at a strange time. Examples are powerful - if there are days when you eat nothing but biscuits because you simply cannot prepare food, say so.

    You will only get the points for not being able to cook or prepare food at all if the tribunal is satisfied that no amount of help, aids or adaptations could allow you to cook or prepare any food on the majority of days. As depression is part of your condition, you should attempt to forestall the suggestion that the problem is lack of motivation to do the task rather than true physical fatigue.

    Maybe other forum members who have mental health conditions will have some suggestions for you.

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    Hello Flymo

    I just wanted to thankyou for taking the time to get back to me. Also for all the useful information you gave.

    I have now been forwarded to an advisor who works predominately so on cases like mine. I pray I get some help.

    Thanking you sincerely

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    You have to show you are unable to perform tasks, safely, repeatedly and in a timely satisfactory manner and what effect it has on you. You need to give detail e.g. I cannot grip due to pain in my hands and have scalded myself when trying to lift a pan off the stove, The pain in my legs is so bad I have to sit down and I forget that the cooker is on and I am frightened of starting a fire...... Assume the person reading your appeal knows nothing about you and you have to describe in detail how you struggle every day to complete any task and what happens when you do. Good Luck

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    That's very helpful. Exactly what I needed to know.
    Thankyou so much.

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    That's very helpful. Exactly what I needed to know.
    Thankyou so much.

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    Smile What If I'm not actually diagnosed?

    Hello everyone

    This is a great site with some great helpers on here.

    My question is this. I haven't been diagnosed with anything. I've got lots of health issues but no diagnosis for anything. Does this mean I may not be accepted at my appeal as I've not an actual diagnosis? or will my case worker/advisor be contacting my GP for my records?

    Anyway I've been thinking about my situation regards my PIP appeal and have noticed a lot of folk on here have diagnosis's for their health issues.

    I've noticed with all my illness and trips to the doctors and bloods and trips to my rhumatologist that nothing has been diagnosed and I haven't any diagnosis for anything. Also there's not been any follow ups from GPs or anyone.

    My eye specialist believes I have Sjorgren syndrome which my eye doctor has said hes rather sure this is what I have even though it's not shown in the bloods. I say this because my eyes aren't producing hardly any natural tears at all. I had the test. I use sensitive eye lubricants all day and all the time. I use lacrilube day and night as my eyes are so dry. I also have the eye plugs in my bottom eye lids. I use a spray for saliva in my mouth and my dentist gives me a special tooth paste that is fluoride free. I'm constantly thirsty and my GP knows all of this. My eyes are always red and very scratchy.

    I've been seeing my Gp for many years regards the burning/biting I get on my arms that also go slightly reddy pactch when they flare up which is nearly all the time. They're at a loss to what is causing this but nothing has been done or diagnosed.

    -The severe weakness and muscle strenght loss. The rhumatologist took blood tests but said the bloods looked ok. She also did a simple test on her rhums bed ie pressed on my legs and arms and asked me to push back which I did and she said all seems fine. So no diagnosis there.

    I've been sent to a Chronic Fatigue clinic for my cortisol levels to be checked and all came back normal.

    Ive had wry kneck and was in excruciating pain. Phoned GP who told me to take certain meds for pain.

    Ive also had tennis elbow but been to poorly to go for the physio because I broke my ankle going upstairs to bed, I was so tired I fell down them whilst going up them.

    My back. They are familiar with and treat it with regular pain killers, Co-codamol, ibuprofren. Over the years I've had phsio for this but its been in my ribcage as of late but I haven't gone back to the docs about that yet as I'm to poorly to go at the moment. Also with the ribcage pain I didn't put it on my PIP form so it won't be included in my PIP appeal but I 'm ok with that as my fault for not writting it.

    Any thoughts appreciated
    Thanking you kindly

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    where should I post this? All help appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flowers14 View Post
    Hello everyone

    This is a great site with some great helpers on here.

    My question is this. I haven't been diagnosed with anything. I've got lots of health issues but no diagnosis for anything. Does this mean I may not be accepted at my appeal as I've not an actual diagnosis? or will my case worker/advisor be contacting my GP for my records?

    Some years ago I applied for DLA and provided information on the form re: Consultants, GP, Occupational Therapist. I failed at my tribunal. Reason being - IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE THE INFORMATION, they don't just contact the specialists.

    Next time, applied for DLA - I provided copies of every single consultant, GP letters, specialists you name it and included all the paperwork.

    Suffice to say I won my appeal.

    I had a similar situation to you for four years constantly going to the GP - was fobbed off again and again, every specialist I saw I specifically requested they copy me in on any paperwork - I had copies of every appointment, every visit, and every consultation and more importantly what was said and written to my GP.

    Was able to provide so much paperwork or paper trail. In the end some years later finally got to the right consultant, there was a treatment for me but it would only work within one year from the onset of problems, my consultant wrote a stinking letter to the GP (copied me in on it) and stated it is now too late 'blah blah'.

    What I suggest you do is contact the secretaries of every consultant you've seen and ask them for a copy of the letter that was sent to the GP (free). If you ask at your GP they get annoyed (polite words) and will charge.

    Or the alternative is to pay for your entire hospital file (£50). When you do complete the form ensure you state ALL RECORDS don't just put the consultants/departments as that will be all you get. Asking for ALL means you literally get all records i.e. A&E, xrays, referrals, discussions about you - EVERYTHING.

    Good luck.

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    Hello AmyS
    Thank you for your information it's very useful, clear and precis Brilliant! I was beginning to think it was just me who was being fobbed off. You can relate 100% as to where I'm coming from then.

    Since I was refused at first and then the mandatory I had to find someone to help me as iv have days where I'm only eating easy foods so I don't starve ie fake mash potatoe (sinful ) as i just add water. Or cans of rice pudding cold. So I'm in a bit of a mess.

    Anyway, I've found an advisor who is taking over my case now as it's going to an appeal
    Do you know if an advisor will be doing exactly as you have done and said to do? I really think my case should be looked into more seriously and show these appointments and visits I've been making like you had to. But there still won't be a diagnoses.
    Do you know if a person can win with out a diagnosis?

    I'm so worried about it all but I know it won't help me.

    Thanking you kindly

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