Youreable Forums Message

LME would like to apologise for the length of the unexpected closure of the Yourable forum.

Following feedback received from forum members regarding the functionality of the platform the decision was made initially to close the forum for a short period of time so that maintenance could be performed to bring the outdated platform up to date. Unfortunately, whilst undertaking this work we discovered a number of issues that have required a much more complex and in-depth review.

Whilst we have anticipated the opening date on a number of occasions there have been some further delays with this opening as planned.

We have all intentions of the platform being opened back up to its members and are looking forward to being able to provide this service again. We are continuing to work through to ensure that the platform reopens as a safe and effective environment for its members, but unfortunately, we are not able to offer a firm re-opening date at present.

We will be issuing notification to members when we have a definitive date and have new moderators trained and in place to support the platform.

We apologise for any distress and disappointment that this may have caused.