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  1. Cannot wear a mask and need to use public transport?

    At Disability Horizons we have responded to many enquiries about this issue by creating a bright red "MASK EXEMPT" lanyard and simple ID card. ...
  2. New product for storage, visual impairment, holding items, and sensory tray play

    Simon from Version 22 (have you seen the Nimble safety cutter he invented?) has a new kickstarter to fund an awesome storage unit that can also help visually impaired people store items or be used...
  3. PPE equipment for disabled people sourced and available on Disability Horizons Shop

    Many people are struggling to find PPE equipment at reasonable prices. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required for anyone in the shielding group who receives care support but many agency and...
  4. Trabasack And Disability Horizons in new Shop partnership

    If you have a disability, even the simplest of products can make the world of difference to your life. But, the majority are unsightly or clinical. Here at Disability Horizons, we want to change that...
  5. Coronavirus shopping safely: how to get your food if you’re disabled

    Throughout the coronavirus outbreak in the UK, supermarkets have continued to trade, both in-store and online, in order to feed the nation during the lockdown. Special measures have been put in place...
  6. Job Vacancy: Carer for 11yo Leicestershire - Learning Disability / Epilepsy

    A special needs buddy/carer is required to work with 11 year old boy ‘J’, he has dravet syndrome (epilepsy/learning disability) and is fully dependent on others for all aspects of daily living. He is...
  7. 50% off Trabasack wheelchair bag and tray SUMMER SALE!

    Trabasack Summer Sale!

    I sell trabasack and a few other items on Amazon. Every 6 months they tell me I have over stocked certain items and I need to clear them fast or I get storage charges.
  8. Six Head support ideas for Disabled children

    New on Sensory Play Tray blog: Six Neck and Head Support Options for your Child

    We look at six products that may help children with hypotonia or poor head support
  9. Merry Xmas from Trabasack - Newsletter and Xmas Offer (under £20!)

    Trabasack Xmas Newsletter and Offer
    Trabasack December Newsletter - All the best from our blogs and websites


    Merry Christmas Trabasaxons!
    December 2014
  10. 50% Summer Sale at Trabasack plus our August Newsletter

    Summer Sale 50 % off plus Trabasack August Newsletter

    Trabasack Newsletter
    August 2014
    With the benefits of a seriously scorching July, the...
  11. festival Warm Up - Trabasack March Newsleter

    Festival Warm Up - March Newsletter
    Trabasack March Newsletter - All the best from our blogs and websites

    Trabasack Newsletter

    March 2014

  12. Kidzinth Middle Coventry Childrens Disability Event - See Trabasack and Active Hands

    The Trabasack team are proud to announce we’ve joined up with innovative gripping aids brand Active Hands to exhibit at Kidz in the Middle. Kidz in the Middle is the leading free exhibition dedicated...
  13. Trabasack gets Crafty for the February Newsletter

    Trabasack Newsletter

    February 2014


    February maybe the month of love but at Trabasack HQ it’s been the month of craft. With kids’ crafts and a...
  14. How will Google Glass help disabled people?

    Google Glass is a game changing technology that we will look back to and wonder how we did without it, like we do with mobile phones and WiFi!851

    New developments design for mainstream usage are...
  15. Trabasack at The Tablets For Schools Conference - Special Education

    See Trabasack at The Tablets for Schools Conference 2013

    Trabasack announce attendance to the annual Tablets for Schools Conference 2013, and offer a fantastic and exclusive Trabasack giveaway.
  16. Trabasack Newsletter - Tips for Life in Bed, Klatts Last Tapes, Moving On Symposium

    View the full newsletter with links here

    Trabasack October Newsletter - All the best from our blogs and websites

    Trabasack Newsletter
    October 2013
    The latest...
  17. Moving On- Accessible Transport Symposium at Coventry Transport Museum 23/24 November

    We’re proud to announce that the Trabasack team will be attending and exhibiting at Moving On – The Accessible Transport Symposium in Coventry. The event is bringing together individuals in the...
  18. Review of Drinking Aids including new handsteady product

    We have a new post on our blog that reviews many of the drinking cups, gadgets and drinking aids available to disabled people. We feature the new Handsteady cup with a rotating handle.

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    Greeper Laces


    I am the UK healthcare distributor for Greeper Laces, ideal for disabled athletes or anyone who struggles to tie or keep laces tied.

    Would you be interested in adding them to your range?
  20. Work and Play on the Go, Trabasack Max Briefcase showcased at the Mobility Roadshow

    Jun. 18, 2013 - LOUGHBOROUGH, U.K. -- Leicestershire-based retail and product creation team Trabasack will be attending their 5th year at the up-coming 2013 Mobility Roadshow. Trabasack are enthused...
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    New bigger luxury Trabasack launched!

    Trabasack MAX is here!

    This one has been long time coming and has taken over two years to get exactly right.

    Our Trabasack Max is finally here and is now available to buy, either in Black at...
  22. Inclusive Designs from 'Equ4L' at the 2013 Annual Naidex National Exhibition

    After celebrating their previous Naidex National Style Award, Equip-able Ltd return to the annual healthcare and disability exhibition with the launch of their new boutique-style healthcare store:...
  23. New Guide to Switches for education, communication and gaming

    Trabasack are please to present a new free pdf guide to using switches for assistive technology, gaming and communication.

    The full contents on offer is as follows:

    Introduction – What is...
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    Trabasack Launches NEW Website


    We are very proud to launch our new website

    The new website has multi currency and payment options and features our new product the MAX which will be available early...
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    Would be very interested to hear. The Uriwell...

    Would be very interested to hear. The Uriwell is meant to be a unisex product, but not sure that any women actually use it.
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