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  1. Charity Funding for Mobility Scooters

    Thank you for posting this information, I will add it to the article immediately. :)
  2. Kymco Midi 4 U Mobility Scooter Handbook

    Hello All,
    I wonder if you can help?
    A visitor to our site has lost her handbook for the Scooter above.
    Do you use a Kymco Midi 4 U? If so could you possibly scan your handbook to help a fellow...
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    Mobility Scooter Battery Finder

    UK Mobility Scooter has just launched it's online Mobility Scooter battery Finder.
    Simple to use, we've teamed up with some great suppliers to bring you great online prices from trusted dealers....
  4. Thanks James, what make/model of Scooter do you...

    Thanks James, what make/model of Scooter do you use?
  5. Your Mobility Scooter - Love it? Hate it?

    Hello All,
    I am looking for feedback about the Scooters you use?
    What do you love about your Scooter? What do you hate?
    If you can spare a minute please let me know what make/model you own, and...
  6. What gradient can mobility scooters handle?

    The gradient a Mobility Scooter can handle is a consideration when choosing a Scooter. If you live in a particularly hilly area or if your roads and kerbs are not in the best condition then choosing...
  7. Charity funding for Mobility Scooters

    Hi Terri,

    The charities mentioned may be able to help with funding for a Scooter for you. Some of the charities ask for grants to be requested by health professionals? Do you have a Macmillan...
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    "Find my Perfect Scooter" launched

    If like so many Scooter users you are confused by the sheer number of mobility Scooters now on the market then UK Mobility Scooter could have the answer.
    Launched today the service allows you to...
  9. Your campsite

    Hi, Have sent this out on twitter - tourism for all are happy to help you promote this - please get in touch with them
  10. Looks fabulous, would love to see a picture of a...

    Looks fabulous, would love to see a picture of a Geodome. Will send this out on Twitter for you to hopefully get some more interest. :)
  11. Hello, Let me know when the website is up and...


    Let me know when the website is up and running again and I'll write a post promoting them on our site. This will also go into our twitter feed, and on our Facebook page so should generate...
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    It was Valentines day, and money was tight so I...

    It was Valentines day, and money was tight so I had no expectation of a card, flowers or chocolates. What I got was cupids & hearts, tiny ones cut out and hidden everywhere and I mean everywhere. In...
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    Best mobility Scooter

    Here at UK Mobility Scooter we are always asked “what is the best Mobility Scooter?” As there are so many makes and models on the Market – each designed for a specific purpose it is impossible to...
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    Great site - very fresh and clear - easy to navigate from page to page.
    Gallery wasn't working?
    Place looks fabulous - will tweet - That's what's missing - no social media links.
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    Disability North may be able to point you in the...

    Disability North may be able to point you in the right direction - 0191 284 0480
  16. Looking After Your Mobility Scooter Battery

    Your Mobility Scooter battery is probably the most important part of your Scooter, so it is important to look after them and keep them in tip-top condition. If you follow the Top 10 guide below you...
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    Mobility Scooter Comparison Guide

    So many Mobility Scooter Models – which one is right for you?

    There are approximately 200 different models of new Mobility Scooters for sale in the UK.

    Broad specifications range from:
  18. Mobility & Related Trade Shows 2013

    Mobility & Related Trade Shows 2013

    Over the coming year there are several Mobility and related trade shows across the country which may be a great way of seeing new and exciting products,...
  19. Charity funding for Mobility Scooters

    Using a Mobility Scooter can transform the lives of those with Mobility Challenges, giving back much needed freedom and independence. These “marvellous machines” though are not free, and for some...
  20. Looking after your Mobility Scooter in Winter

    With the winter months upon us and the temperatures starting to fall it is worthwhile looking at ways you can prepare and maintain your Mobility Scooter during the winter months.
    A little time and...
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    Accessible holiday cottages

    Fancy a change of scenery? Looking for an Easter break or a cottage for the summer?

    UK Mobility Scooter has teamed up with some of the best UK Cottage Companies providing accessible properties to...
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    Flying with a Mobility Scooter

    I've written an article about flying with a Mobility Scooter which has links for major airlines etc. Might be useful -
  23. Hi Paul, we are a new Website dedicated to "all...

    Hi Paul, we are a new Website dedicated to "all things" Mobility Scooter from products to articles, reviews and news. We are trying to create a one stop site offering relevant information and advice,...
  24. Mobility Scooters - Live & Let Live?

    Part of my daily role is to research news, and articles ideas for our site; I am always on the lookout for new Scooter models, good news stories, etc.

    What I have found, it saddens me to say, is...
  25. Old Mobility Scooter Gives New Life To MS Sufferer

    When Roger Chamberlain was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis he resigned himself to a life indoors.

    This was a far cry from his previous lifestyle of walking, climbing and sailing. Roger a keen...
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