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12-01-15, 11:58
Have you had a decision following a WCA for ESA that you disagree with? Are you going through the Mandatory Reconsideration process? If so I would like to talk to you, I am conducting a piece of research about individual’s experiences whilst they apply and wait for their MR decision.

If you are interested in helping please contact Hannah: h.j.chetwynd@lse.ac.uk

Many thanks,


12-01-15, 14:25
A bit more information:

My name is Hannah and I am studying for a masters in Social Policy Research at LSE, through personal experience and two jobs over the past two years my research had started to focus on welfare reform and disability rights. I have worked with Mind doing research into greater access to services and with a smaller charity conducting research to try and change policy regarding dementia care.

For my dissertation I would like to conduct a study into the long term effects that applying and waiting for a mandatory reconsideration decision has on peoples health and wellbeing. As people are having their ESA stopped whilst they wait for a decision, I am looking to talk to people about this time in which they may be left with no money. As I am sure you are aware people are being advised to apply for JSA in this time which many people have reported finding very distressing and harmful for their individual conditions – I feel very strongly that the policy in this area needs to be changed and that is my motivation for the research.

13-01-15, 09:34
Hi Hannah,

You will already find a lot of discussion on these MR issues on this site, both from ESA and a PIP Reconsiderations.

Try typing reconsideration into the search box top right.

The only MR I have had was for a sanction not a WCA so probably not relevant.
(I did have to go to tribunal with my WCA but that was in the days before MR).

Good luck with the research.

13-01-15, 10:23
Hi Nukecad,

Thank you for your advice, I have indeed read a lot of discussion on this site. It is in fact that they largely inspired me to do this research. I feel it slightly intrusive to post on those threads asking for help though so thought it best to start my own. You're correct, your situation isn't quite right for this particular project but thank you all the same. If you do know anyone that might want to be involved please pass on my details.

Thanks again,