View Full Version : Thoughts on dance for people with visual impairments

09-01-15, 14:30
Hi guys,

My name is Freya and I am a final year dance student based in London. For my dissertation I am researching the accessibility of dance to people with visual impairments.
I wondered if I could have some thoughts from people on anything they have experienced and how they feel about taking part in dance?
Also with being an audience member?
Do you find that these things are readily available to you?
Would you want to take part in them if they were?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


10-01-15, 09:29
I am not visually impaired myself but have you contacted these guys? http://www.candoco.co.uk/
this also says it all....blind dancers themselves http://www.scorpiontv.com/we-also-dance-blind-dancers
Northern Ballet are doing work in this area: http://www.communitydance.org.uk/DB/animated-library/experiencing-dance-with-visually-impaired-people.html?ed=14045