View Full Version : Engineering Student Survey: Automated Trash Device

08-01-15, 19:41
We are conducting a survey related to a project for our senior year engineering course. This survey is our the first step to creating a solution for getting your trash cans to the designated pickup location on trash day. If you could take our survey it would be greatly appreciated, and it would help us get to the next step of our project. Thanks!


08-01-15, 21:30
If the Council is informed that you have difficulty moving the trash or recycling bins out on the road and back again they will do it on your behalf at no charge.

Today I bought a kitchen 45 Litre litter bin for general waste. With me having one arm that doesn't work and the other holds a crutch I needed an easy opening litter bin. I've gone for a touch-lid' for ease of use. When full my cleaner will lift out the bin area and empty.

Let's not make this procedure any more expensive or complicated than it is!