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13-12-14, 23:08
Questionnaire: http://goo.gl/forms/g9oXdMG93t


I am attempting to write a journal article on self-driving cars for disabled drivers. For this I am looking for the views of disabled drivers mainly but the views of related parties (parents/ carers/ guardians) on this topic are also welcome. I'll keep the questionnaire open for responses until the end of December but if you want to take part brief answers are better than detailed responses.

The following is a short video about self-driving cars that is linked at the beginning of the survey that I would like people to watch before answering the questions:


If you know someone who is a disabled driver feel free to forward this questionnaire to them. I don't expect people to be fully informed on the topic. Feedback and further comments are welcome.


14-12-14, 11:17
All things are possible.

I'm a great believer and user of Google Maps on my Smartphone to help navigate from my home to destinations without needing to use a paper map and it's free.

My only fear of using a driverless car that drives using GPS would be if it wasn't aware of unscheduled changes to a route. I've had two recent experiences where roads that Google Maps wanted me to use were blocked off due to road closures. As a sighted person I could decide to try an alternative route. If you were blind you wouldn't be aware of a road closure and wouldn't override the system so the car might plough on and hit a fence across the road.

I'm all for this technology and it would help disabled people. I just wouldn't use it in Britain but I would in California!

Check this out


14-12-14, 14:32
Hi Lighttouch,

That spinning thing on top of the self-driving car is a lidar which is constantly scanning it's surroundings allowing for the car to take emergency action if necessary. Apparently they do have an override button in those self-driving cars that they are testing in California. Though your concerns about the car failing and crashing into obstacles is valid.

This video shows the Mercedes Distronic driving system in action which is the type of system that allows these cars to see the environment and hopefully take action such as applying the brakes:


Yes it's at the luxury end of the market and no I haven't personally tested it.

14-12-14, 21:40
Driverless cars will start to appear in four UK cities from JANUARY


20-12-14, 20:04
Thank you for all the responses so far. Your opinions will help to inform research in to disabled drivers and self-driving cars. (which is lacking imo)

Yes, driverless cars will start appearing in Britain next month. I'm kind of disappointed that Manchester missed out on that trial.