View Full Version : Tadpoles in December? - Have you found it exceptionally warm

12-12-14, 00:11
Up until the last week or so, when it suddenly got a bit nippy, it has, certainly in much of the UK, majority of the leaves, have now fallen that are gonna fall. Insane storms have raged in the north of the UK, and that insanity of shopping has hit our TV screens, and shop windows with glorified supermarket adverts in the Strictly Sell More Stuff Competition, abusing penguins, TV personalities, musicians,and the like.

I digress.. We have Tadpoles in the pond. In almost mid December. Its a very strange end to the year. Its a leaf filled, partly anyway, very froggy friendly pond under the shelter of a tree, so maybe warm enough for them to survive. I hope so.. But tadpoles in December!!

12-12-14, 17:15
They should survive even if the pond freezes solid.

Strange fact:
Amphibians have around four times more DNA than mamals like us.
Scientists reckon that this is because the eggs have to develop outside a nice warm womb and so a lot of DNA coding is to do with what chemicals to produce in different temprature conditions to keep the eggs alive.
Certain species of frog can freeze solid during winter and then thaw out with no problem next spring.

We still have a hegehog wandering about in the pub garden, should be hibernating by now but as you say it has been a warm autumn.