View Full Version : Not much to do in the garden --

07-12-14, 11:05
Apart from planning for next year. Its not to late to put bulbs in pots. Browse through the seed catalogues and if you can brave it, do that bit of tidying up:) (or get your minions to do it)

08-12-14, 16:04
Well i brushed the path on account of leaves and fallen moss from gutters being a trip hazard. And now its piddling down with strong winds.Why did I bovver eh?

09-12-14, 13:11
My task at the moment is to rescue my flower bed from the idiots who have sprinkled grass seed all over it. I've been on my knees trying to scrape off the top layer of soil. Constant vigilance against grass and weeds! I've managed to plant a hebe plant that I bought 2 years ago and had just left standing outside in the pot it came in. It has survived and looks quite healthy so I've given it the freedom of the ground. It has bright pink leaves in winter and I originally bought it for some winter colour. I have lots of bulbs in pots so hopefully will get a nice display come spring.

11-12-14, 08:29
you may have to wait till spring and then dig it over ( or get someone to do it) and then pull up the grass, scraping the soil will only take valuable soil OFF the real plants. With this rain, anything there will grow. Personally i'm not gardening till spring! Too wet, cold, slippy and did i say WET!!!

16-12-14, 12:43
I've been in my mums garden doing general maintenance the past couple of weeks. I always feel like this is the perfect time to get to places you can't usually get to. For example, there were a couple of fence panels that needed fixing in place and a shed window that needed sealing that I could never dream of reaching in summer when the garden is in full bloom. Other than that it was pulling all the weeds up from in between paving slabs, the joy!