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18-11-14, 15:53
I am a Design and Technology student studying for my second year of A-levels. My current project is an attachment to a wheelchair to assist wheelchair users on a day-to-day basis, from shopping to safe guarding phone and keys, all within reaching distance of the user.
The idea revolves around having the same usability of a rucksack or backpack, but specifically for a wheelchair user.
I wish to know what issues need to be addressed concerning the safety or the functionality of the product as I plan to enter the design into the Designweek competition to start up manufacture of this item.

Your input would be greatly appreciated. Any thoughts would be invaluable to assist my design.

18-11-14, 18:44
As you have already said security and accessability are key points.

Among other things to consider you need to take into account different limb strength, different finger strength, different number of limbs and fingers; how well can these be controled, tremors, twitches, etc.
Might sound a bit clinical and 'non-PC' but this is what you need to address if you are going to come up with a sucessful design.

Do you already have a basic design in mind, or are you just looking for ideas?

If you do have an innovative idea can you share it at this stage?
If you are going to enter a competition you will have to share your idea sooner or later.