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29-10-14, 14:15
Is anybody experiencing problems with Access to Work in obtaining reimbursement?

I've received Access to Work support for a number of years, the support covers costs for PA cover when travelling on business etc. I'm awaiting reimbursement for claims going back to July. Having called their operations centre I was informed that claims should be sent to a new address, would have been nice to have been told prior to the change, and that claims are taking four weeks to process. As I say mine are from July. At their request I resubmitted the outstanding claims but these appear to have now gone missing from their system!

It's worth pointing out that my circumstances have not changed and claims were processed without issue before.

The promise of a return call within two days has failed to materialise and emails go unanswered.

I'm still paying my PA so the debt is increasing. I'm now considering what additional action I can take, claim for interest perhaps?

Anybody else having issues?

29-10-14, 14:37
Vantage just phone and talk to someone. If I used to use taxis I'd photograph several receipts and email the .jpeg with a covering letter to a named person at AtW - far better than posting and you have a paper trail if things go pear shaped!!

29-10-14, 14:52
Thanks Lighttouch, problem is I have been calling. First they had all my claims on the system, second time I called they only had my latest claim. I keep everything electronically, and have sent claims in via email. It doesn't seem to make any difference. The service has gone from ok to rubbish in a matter of a few months.

I'm currently down nearly £2k and appear to be no closer to receiving a reimbursement.

I've given them 2 days to get me an answer, which is their stated time, before I start chasing more senior people within the DWP

29-10-14, 16:17
What planet are they living on!

Sorry that you are in this mess. In your shoes what I'd do is make the call and if you don't get satisfaction from them - take that person's name then ask to speak to their manager. If they say they are in a meeting or out just say 'in that case I'll speak to their manager'.

Work up the chain until you speak to someone that can make it happen. Also ask for a customer complaint form as you're not happy with their service.

Sounds to me like their procedures aren't working - I'd be livid being owed that much.

See if they will make payment via BACS to speed payments - sounds like they don't communicate well internally and technically they are living in the middle ages!

31-10-14, 20:49
Thanks Grgr

Yes those are the contact details. Phoned today and actually had a more useful conversation. Two claims have now been processed and the funds will be released any day, interestingly these two are some of the claims that seemed to disappear!! Now awaiting action on another two, the oldest of all the claims.

The escalation process has begun and I await a call on Monday. If that does nor happen then the escalation moves forward.