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22-10-14, 18:00

will it be ok to post a e-petition on here , it's called abolish atos and capita and rely on nhs and there doctors for medical assessments ,if I can where will the best place to put it to get as many people to sign it


22-10-14, 19:25
You can post a link - though I doubt the e-petition will have much effect.

I can see several open e-petitions at the moment about benefit assessments. I can't see any of these petitions offering a viable policy alternative, bearing in mind the necessity of assessments being independent of the medical professionals who treat the claimant. It's also important to remember that the assessment providers do not set the criteria for the award of benefit or make final decisions on entitlement.

I come across quite a few cases of people blaming the assessment provider for their failure to be awarded benefit when the underlying issue is that the claimant failed to give an adequate explanation of the way their condition affects their ability to carry out the ESA or PIP activities. It is an open question how to help claimants give better quality accounts, but it is not for the assessment provider to put words into the claimant's mouth.

An e-petition is only likely to receive any sort of consideration if it receives tens of thousands of signatures. Numerous petitions on the same issue that achieve a few hundred signatures allow people to express their feelings but are not going to be considered further by Parliament or the Government.

To be clear, I'm not defending the assessment providers, as there are clearly many examples of unacceptable practices especially for ESA assessments. However, it is not all bad, especially for PIP. There's still excessive delays for many PIP assessments, but quite a few posters in these forums have been pleased with their PIP assessment report and one person commented that they would have got a lower PIP award without their assessor bringing up matters they had not even considered.

23-10-14, 19:43
I have to agree with Flymo here.

E-petitions sound like a good idea but in reality they are pretty toothless.

You need to get at least 100,000 signatures to an official e-petition before the gov. will even 'consider' it.
Doesn't mean they will actually bring it up in the house of commons, just that some junior civil servant will look at it.
(Petitions not on the official government site may not even be noticed, they can't go searching everywhere).

You tend to get multiple petitions for very similar issues, on multiple petition sites, so the number of signatures get spread all over and don't even reach that target.

If you want to start an e-petition then have a search first and see if your issue has already been petitioned; sign that rather than starting a new one and diluting the vote.

The official UK Government site for searching/ starting e-petitions:

28-10-14, 23:42

will it be ok to post a e-petition on here , it's called abolish atos and capita and rely on nhs and there doctors for medical assessments ,if I can where will the best place to put it to get as many people to sign it

I remember a conversation from years ago.

People in a street with a clipboard writing down names and details for a petition. Yes they can get 10000 people in a few weeks. Regardless of the organisation or government body it's being addressed to, has little or no effect.

What does have an effect:

Every individual writing their own letter - requesting a REPLY. Even if Mr and Mrs Another live in one household - that's two letters someone in a department has to open. 10,000 letters they would have to open. That's 10,000 letters they have to reply to. It costs time, paperwork.

That's the difference between 10,000 names on paper/sheets of paper or an e-petition and an organisation being so inundated with piles of envelopes and letters. They only then take a step back and think about it (whatever 'it' is). In other words whether it's 10,000 or 100,000 through the internet is just that - they can reply by pressing Send button but the sheer amount of work receiving that number of envelopes through the post several feet high when piled up, opening each and every one of them and writing 100,000 letters, envelopes and addresses, stamps etc and posting them. They'd take notice.

Unfortunately, I think they were right.

I agree with both Flymo and Nukecad

11-11-14, 20:46
Totally understand what everyone is saying here.

I signed a change.org petition yesterday asking ITV not to air a programme (Dapper Laughs: On the Pull) and so did 68 000 other people. ITV seem to have listened and are apparently not going to show it. As I "signed" it I did hope ITV might be more influenced by the opinion of a large number of people, and it seems they were. Albeit not necessarily because of moral reasons.

Just though it was interesting that they were influenced by an e petition, like you've all said I doubt any government body is.