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20-10-14, 15:44
Sometimes I'm happy to be retired then along comes an ideal job and you think 'I could do that'.

Been out of the job market for three and a half years as I retired on medical grounds. The trouble is my brain is still racing along and needs new things to stimulate it. I'm looking for a new challenge and if some company wants to pay me - even better.

What appeals is that it's

- Part time
- Short term contract
- Only disabled people can apply
- It's a 20 minute drive away
- It covers stuff I know about
- Need to be able to work on your own initiative
- Helps to think outside the box

The downside is there's a teaching element to it and I don't have masses of experience in that area.

Applications need to be in by the end of the month.

Decisions, decisions

20-10-14, 18:41
Give it a whirl if you are really interested.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

20-10-14, 19:07
Go for it.

As I always tell people, even those whom I manage, apply and see how you get. If you're offered the job and decide after all its not for you then say sorry and turn it down.

20-10-14, 22:18
As the others have said, you can always apply and withdraw later on if you decide it's not for you.

It is important to keep pushing yourself appropriately, as you have reminded me in the past. Being too 'safe' all the time can lead to you missing out on the richness of life. I've got a lot of work still to do in my degree, but I'm thinking beyond graduation to how I can begin to build up my workplace skills again. Voluntary work is the obvious starting point for me, though if a suitable paid opportunity came along at the right time I'd be a fool to dismiss it.

So far as teaching goes, I'm sure you have a lot of experience to pass on. The basic courses for those teaching adult learners are fairly straightforward (Google for PTLLS and CTLLS) and might be worth considering if compatible with the requirements of the job even though no formal teaching qualification is likely to be required.

There's rarely a perfect candidate for a job. The job specification is likely to explain what is essential and what is desirable, though in many cases candidates who do not fully meet an essential requirement can be considered.

In this case, teaching sounds to be one element of a wider role, and who knows - if you take some adult teaching courses as part of this role, it might lead you into further teaching in the future.

22-10-14, 20:09
I'll take everyones suggestions and at least apply for the job. As I have some major disability related expenses involved it would help to have a little extra corn coming in. First let's try to secure an interview - that's step one!

25-10-14, 10:08
Well you have charm, persistence and personality going for you..

25-10-14, 14:15
Give it a whirl if you are really interested.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Totally agree :)

Lighttouch, you've nothing to lose by trying. I know what you mean about the mind racing, that's why I keep myself busy, with writing and a few forums. Beauty of it is, they can be done in my own time i.e. night or day any day of the week.

31-10-14, 11:55
Hello folks,

Just thought I'd let you know I've just emailed my Job Application for the Project Coordinators post. No doubt short listing will take place next week. I'm guessing that if I hear nothing by Friday I won't be attending an interview.

Something that has dawned on me. If, that is a bid 'if' I was offered the job that might solve my wheelchair funding issue as I could ask Access to Work to part fund it.

Let's not jump the gun!!

I think it's time for a latte fix then exercise on a trike around the outdoor running track!!

31-10-14, 12:13
Go for it. Even applying will meet some of your needs for stimulation. If you are confident in what you know and the students want to learn then teachin should be no problem and, again, offers a chance for your own stimulation in thinking about delivery methods

31-10-14, 19:15
Good luck, you've nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Hope it all works out for you.

13-11-14, 20:31
Made enquiries whether shortlisting had taken place - no was the reply - there's still hope!!

Doesn't time go slowly when you are eager to find out something. Whereas the people offering the job are very chilled out about getting on with shortlisting.

I'm interested in this job as I also know it will solve a funding issue for a hybrid wheelchair as Access to Work would fund 80% of the cost!

Time for a chill pill or better still a glass of wine!

14-11-14, 16:10

I believe that every job has a probation period for the first few months or so. Many people forget that the probation period is for them too, to see whether their suited for the job. If the job isn't for you, then you can leave after the probation period (If not before!)

Let us know how you get on!