View Full Version : I am thinking of making an educational video

25-09-14, 20:09
I am thinking of doing an educational ‘do’s and don’ts’/’general guidelines’ type video about how to treat people who are disabled and/or in a wheelchair.
I am doing some opinion asking and research beforehand so it won’t just be my opinion you have to listen to.
As someone who is disabled I would like this video to be out there educating people on how you shouldn't treat disabled people. And by no means will I say I am speaking for everyone. But, is it a good idea?
If so, is there anything you think I should or shouldn't mention? I am collecting ideas and points to make in the video.

26-09-14, 00:10
Great idea, though it may be a silly question who will be the target audience? Shops, government etc?

26-09-14, 01:01
Just the general public, I could include shops as well? But I meant more just general people.

26-09-14, 12:37
Anyone else have any ideas?