View Full Version : My geranium

16-08-14, 12:10
rescued a geranium from outside last year, wasn't doing too well then suddenly sprouted now around 2ft in height with flower stems at some 12 to 14 inches.

short video -


17-08-14, 07:52
Funny to see one inside. They are usually an outdoor plant.. mind you the flying Kidney could tell you more, he's the plantsman.

17-08-14, 08:37
Its a Pelargonium, but anyway, still under the Family of Geranium. Do a lot better OUT in the summer. Its been a good year, ours is in the front porch, south facing, and has shot up so tall its snapped in places. I'll put up a photo.

Very easy to take cuttings, and overwinter indoors in a light, but airy warm place. Need less water in the winter.