View Full Version : I refuse to do more than 16 hours a week payed work! I hate Job Centre.

10-08-14, 19:38
Ok my first work focused interview was about 7 months ago and again I am being forced to attend another interview. Due to me being on ESA Work Related Activity Group I am basically being forced to go to Job Centre to be asked stupid questions again on what I am doing. I DONT WANT TO BE AT A JOB CENTRE WHEN ALREADY I WORK PART TIME! AND IF I DO MORE HOURS THAN I DO THEN I WOULD NOT COPE AND IT BE TOO MUCH FOR ME OR IF PUT IN DIFFERENT JOB I WOULD NOT LIKE THE SUDDEN CHANGE OF ROUTINE DUE TO MY ASPERGERS!

So my support worker has sent a letter to ESA to reconsider to put me and my husband into Support Group as WRAG is the wrong group for us.

I'm venting my anger here. it's why I put up this thread! GGGGRRRR.....

10-08-14, 21:17
If you are in the Work Related Activity Group, you are subject to mandatory Work Focused Interviews.

You will only be moved to the Support Group if you satisfy one of the Schedule 3 criteria or you succeed in a Regulation 35 argument. It's often very difficult to succeed with a Regulation 35 argument and it may well be impossible for such an argument to succeed with you working part time already.

10-08-14, 21:27
yeah it maybe very difficult I know. But I won't ever give up fighting for my rights because I know my rights. It's funny that these ESA people don't understand me. God I wish we could all be back on Incapacity benefit revive the benefit back to life. It was a lot easier. Now days with ESA it's so frustrating and causing problems with my stress to disability.

11-08-14, 00:10
Sadly, the system has us all jumping through hoops pointlessly at times. Maybe the best approach is to "bite your tongue" and put up with a couple of interviews a year.

Your bigger problem may well be with the permitted work rules. Those in the WRAG are subject to a '52 weeks on, 52 weeks off' restriction on permitted work earning more than £20/week and working up to 16 hours per week. The only permitted work allowed without time limit for those in WRAG is permitted work where you earn less than £20/week, or work that falls into the narrow bracket of "supported permitted work", such as the sort of work the old Remploy factories used to offer.

If you can get your hours up to 16 hours per week or above, you can then claim Working Tax Credit and not be subject to the ESA rules at all. You will likely be better off financially, too.

If you are unsure where you stand in relation to the permitted work rules or you wish to get a better idea about your Tax Credits entitlement if you worked more than 16 hours per week, it's best to consult a local advice provider, such as a local authority welfare rights project (if you have one) or Citizen's Advice.

11-08-14, 12:18
Yeah I wish I could work more and would be nice. But due to my disability I can't do more hours than I currently working and I love the work that I am doing at the moment. It is perfect for me as it's gives the right balance.

I love working and trying to enjoy life at the same time =)

11-08-14, 22:09
How many hours do you work?

11-08-14, 23:49
Huummm it varies. Sometimes I do up to about 5 hours a week and some other weeks I don't get any work. The job I have varies and flexible a lot. And my husband varies too. He sometimes have 5 hours a week and other times none in a week and like 15 hours other week on odd occasions. Yes it's up and down pretty much. This is ideal for my husband and me =)

My husband is trying to claim Carers Allowance but it is taking ages to process. So once Carers Allowance is sorted then I can get my ESA top up which is the Carer Premium of 33.30 per week on to ESA. Very frustrating but surviving from the stresses of processing claims and having to be forced to go to Work focus interview's.