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05-08-14, 00:51
Hello all,

Kindly help me in filling in this questionnaire on Disability Discrimination at Workplaces in the UK.

This is part pf my MA thesis. If you are disabled and are currently or had previously worked in the UK, you apply!
I can use all the help I can get in bettering the conditions of disabled employees.

Just click on the link and fill in anonymously.


Thank you,


05-08-14, 23:02
I tried filling it in but at 60 questions long I think the forum page timed out!

Like the use of graphics and it reformatted for viewing on a mobile.

It all went wrong after the last answer - your website page seemed to crash.

06-08-14, 08:49
I couldnt even get on there.

When I linked to the webpage it started trying to run a script which my anti-virus didnt like, I overrode the AV and tried again.
After a minute or so trying to run the script it timed out with an error message about the script slowing down the computer and trying to use too many resources.

Just in case this was a dodgy link I ran a Malwarebytes scan but nothing was found.

Mayana, you might want to look at how your page has been coded and try rewiting it a bit more user friendly.

06-08-14, 12:28
I managed to complete it but many of the questions weren't particularly relevant to my job or the organisation I work for. I'm unhappy with lots of things at work (as are most of my colleagues) but that is not for disability related reasons and not arising from any form of discrimination. I answered as best as I could.