View Full Version : Manchester's Urban Garden

31-07-14, 00:42
Check out what's happening in Manchester City Centre this August!

Dig the City website

31-07-14, 06:34
Interesting. Not been into Manchester city centre for ages. Not sure this will tempt me though!

31-07-14, 07:26
I was watching Gardeners world the other day and there are beehives on the roof of Manchester Cathedral! And they sell the honey!

31-07-14, 07:42
Yes Reddivine, this is Plan Bee - to get our number one pollinators to flourish in urban areas.
Check it out

I love pure honey - now there's a holy new variety - sounds angelic!

02-08-14, 19:02
Unless we have a greater awareness in local authorities its a pretty futile business.
Down in the sunny borough of Haringey, I've seen the pesticide cart come buy twice, most of the times at the least favourable time of day, when bees are in full flight collecting pollen.
Councils don't have any legal obligation to notify residents of spraying. (ours used to put up signs out of courtesy)

Its a pretty grim future for bees, and us..