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29-07-14, 20:31
i have just been diagonalised with type 1 diabetes, i was off work for 2 weeks and my dr has gave me a fit for work note and i also got letter from diabetes nurse saying i was fit, on the first day back in ended up have a bit of a serious hypo my blood was only 1.6. I went home and decided not to go in the next day(friday) because i was still on nights, but would be back on days the following week.

after i spoke to them on friday they rang me back saying they wanted me to see the occupational health before they would let me back in, So i was him and with my group leader in the room the dr said i could return on days and the group leader agreed and was happy with that.
but when i got home the agency i work for (i am a agency worker but im permanent agency so i do have some rights at least) rang me and said they dont want me to return to work untill 24th aug which is 4 weeks away,

But ive already been giving all clear but my dr and DN and by there own dr is occ, They have asked me to get another sick not from when i was off till the 24th.

Can they make me get another one if ive already been deemed fit, if i get the sick note i will only get £80 a week should i demand they let me back in or suspend me with full pay?

Hope i can get a reply and thanks for time
tommy g

26-08-14, 19:15
They cannot by law suspend you if your off sick, can your dr wright a note to go on lighter duties and cut your hrs... it is hard to prove if you apply for esa...hope this helps :rolleyes:

26-08-14, 19:58
As it's now 26 August I suspect that tommy has resolved his situation from his post, one way or the other.

Although checking his profile that one post was the only time he logged into the forum, looks like he didn't come back to see any answers?