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03-07-14, 12:46
Hi, i am a product designer and am looking to help those with physical limitations in the bathroom. I have selected a number of everyday products/areas that some people could have problems using/operating. Could you please put an 'x' next to the bullet point that you struggle with.

-get dressed
-dry your self

If there is a area/product that you do struggle with please feel free to comment.


03-07-14, 18:31
One bug bare I've got is toe nail clippers.

I have one hand that works but I find all nail cutters are awkward to use because I can't get a firm grip on even the professional type clippers which are sprung loaded.

The chrome plated steel grips should have thick rubber covers that nestle in the palm of your hand for easy use in my opinion.

04-07-14, 10:03
Thanks for feed back, i will definitely take this into consideration. It was a great help;)

04-07-14, 10:33
Hospitals are great fans of self-closing pedal bins, so that you don't get people touching the bin lid with dirty hands. However, it's very hard to operate these bins if you're a wheelchair user and have no use of your feet. These bins are often found in hospital toilets.

A reliable, inexpensive and safe self-closing bin that can be operated by pedal and by some other means not using the legs would be wonderful, though it would have to be broadly price competitive for hospitals to purchase them. You would have to consider the pros and cons of the bin being powered, or whether a purely mechanical system is best.

A smaller version of this bin for home use would be great.

04-07-14, 15:13
I have in the past had a kitchen bin, which was one touch......obsviously advantage being you can still use your elbow and not contaminate your clean hands. Or tap wiv yr stick.

04-07-14, 15:15
Personally I'm ok but some folks find aerosol sprays hard to manage if you have weak hand muscles.....hard to depress pump.

04-07-14, 15:21
@Kurtis01 re-reading your list, many of these jobs are ones that a carer has to do for me/us.
If your lucky enough to get a walk in shower or wet room, fantastic but lot of housing in the UK is shower-over-the-bath. blame the builders. So actually GETTING in the bath to shower....in a very tight space, theres a challenge. Remeber, your wet, naked, legs don't work and balance is shite.

08-07-14, 12:45
Thanks for the feedback! it has proven very helpful:o