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14-06-14, 16:15
Hi I am Rachel and I am doing a project in Year 13 in design technology.
I have decided to find out about the available kitchen products that you disabled users can buy,
I would like to know if there are any kitchen products that you might want to be made to help you in the kitchen?
What kind of products you buy and why you buy them?
And finally how you feel the current kitchen products that you can buy help you and if in any way they could be made to help you even more.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope that you do respond! :D

15-06-14, 16:19
Hi Rachel, may I refer you to a good site for design http://sugru.com/
For disabled ppl, in the kitchen and the rest of home, design is often a issue of ADAPTING what exists. And buying what suits you and you can manage. For instance: I have MS, which means my wrists/arms are weak....so i won't be buying cast iron pans. Simply too heavy.
Storage: I buy click-lok containers from Wilkinsons cuz I can open them. i struggled with Tupperware. (ask yr mom, or yr gran!)
Sugru was used to make a better handle on the lid of my casserole.
Theres a lot of wesites out there but results are varied. I have never found a lid opening gadget that works!