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25-05-14, 10:08
hi i have just signed on jsa with the disability element i am considering going self employed and my advisor has made me a appointment with a nea advisor trouble is i am hearing conflicting stories regarding this as some of these are nightmare stories has anyone had a good experience or bad regarding this any help would be usefull

26-05-14, 07:43
Hi jshaun1968, this sounds like an interesting project.

I don't know about this NEA but I assume as you are a disabled person it will be linked into the number one support service for disabled people wanting to work - 'Access to Work' - part of JobcentrePlus.

ut of interest are you planning on becoming a consultant in your chosen field of work or are you planning on offering a service / produce a product.

Let us know your potential idea and I'll give you some pointers about finance and marketing if you wish.

Congratulations on trying to make your own way in the world and make things happen.