View Full Version : Success with black grapes in Scotland ?

25-04-14, 06:44
Has anyone managed to grow grapes in Scotland. Have a sheltered sunspot in a fairly exposed coastal location, which is basicallyin front of a 6 foot wooden plank fence and thought I'd like to try growing some grape vines there. Partly as a way of covering the fence.

Is our climate suitable for some varieties and are they difficult to maintain? And is wildlife a problem ? If not possible will just opt for some other climber like rose or something, but thought I'd ask anyway.

16-05-14, 18:40
You might want to try some of the gardening forums


and UK.rec.gardening should have more answers. Scotland is producing wine! So you should be OK..

The problem with solid fences is the way they act with wind, esp if you get a cold wind:
Example image:
http://www.agriculture.gov.sk.ca/adx/aspx/adxGetMedia.aspx?DocID=2975,14514,14496,81,1,Docum ents&MediaID=6834&Filename=windbreak.jpg

You might want to look into other edible climbers if you decide a grape isn't the best option.

You will probably want to look for earlier fruiting times if your a few degrees north.


Thats just one link.. Google edible climbers or hardy edible climbers and you might find a few more: