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23-04-14, 11:42
Hi all
Got Drs. appt. next week and fed up of being fobbed off
Over last 10 years various things wrong,severall involving my arms
My APS consultant says my arm probs are due to thoracic outlet syndrome, but I am not so sure
One of the problems has been flaring badly of late,hence appt
So, it starts with elbow pain, so bad I could scream
Always accompanied by fatigue
sometimes accompanied by the feel of a jelly like substance betwenn skin and bone, and when this is present, I gert a feeling like electric shock if elbows touch anything
then everytime I lie down for nap or go to bed at night the pins and needles go from the elbow to the wrist and the hands go numb, curling up in a strange shape
If only one, then I use the other to rub it untill it comes back to life,which just takes a few mins, but obviously cant when both are numb

23-04-14, 13:54
I would be interested to know what you find out about that deebee. Sounds exactly the same as what my hubby has in his elbow. Docs have just put him on anti inflammatory tabs to see if they will ease it over the next few weeks, and to go back if they dont help.

23-04-14, 14:43
will let you know......

23-04-14, 15:39
Deebee - could it be tennis elbow I wonder http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Tennis-elbow/Pages/Introduction.aspx

23-04-14, 16:38
had a look,didnt mention the pin,needles, claw or numbness though,will ask gp next week

30-04-14, 09:12
deebee...........be careful of diagnosis by forum or Dr Google.........you need a referral to a neurologist or some consultant. INSIST on it and hopefully they may get to the bottom of it. Really it could be many things and it is not helpful to sit there thinking, "what if its...."

30-04-14, 09:23
I have numbness and pins and needles in my hands. In my case it's nerve damage in my neck.

As reddivine says you really need to see a neuro consultant. They will be able to tell which part of the spine relates to nerves and numbness in arms. In my opinion the trouble lies in your neck area. You'll probably end up having a non-intrusive MRI scan to check things out.

30-04-14, 15:12
I thought neuro too, but gp has referred me to a chest specialist???

30-04-14, 15:46
would the fact that my neck keeps getting "stuck and when I move it forward to unstick it it goes crunch be related?

30-04-14, 15:57
If the doc thinks it is your neck I would have thought he would have referred you to orthopaedics. That is only my opinion, I am not a medic.
If I were you I would ask why a chest specialist?

30-04-14, 16:11
I didnt mention my neck, wish I had now, I have no idea why she went for chest, I think because reumy has just discharged me back to her care and she said she thought he should have sorted it
She may have not gone the neuro route as I have seen two in the past and have also had a nerve conduction test which came back fine
was a long time ago though

01-05-14, 08:14
deebee they are probably trying to rule various things out, but again INSIST on a referal. It may indeed be internal, or skeletal or muscular....but we ain't doctors and they should be the ones to say what it is

01-05-14, 08:42
Go back to the docs and ask for reasons for being referred to the chest clinic and express your doubts that it is the correct referral. If possible see a different doctor. There is a possibility that it could be TIA's, not to frighten you. There is a piece on BBC news about them today.
My mother was sent for her stomach when it was pneumonia and sadly she died because of bad diagnosis, it was too late for antibiotics to work. She was 91 though.

01-05-14, 09:44
Hi deebee,

Remember nobody giving suggestions has medical knowledge but has perhaps experienced something similar.

All my issues stem from spinal column nerve damage. Mine was due to neck trauma but it resulted in numbness and tingling plus weakness in upper limbs.

Doctors aren't specialists and may take several attempts to try and figure out your issue or who to refer you too.

Take a look at these symptoms and see if any look familiar http://www.ehow.com/facts_5008139_symptoms-cervical-nerve-damage.html

01-05-14, 10:33
Hi Deebee do you feel more fatigued than usual ?

ask your gp for a blood test it could be a vitamin deficiency B12 can cause pins and needles , weakness , numbness ect

I get pain in my elbows a bit like when you've banged your funny bone followed by a sharp electric shock type pain on the outside of forearm down to my little finger and the one next to it then the pins and needles start followed by the numbness

have a look at the symptoms and if you feel it could be something like this speak to your gp again xx

01-05-14, 12:17
thanks acheron, recently had all bloods all fine except low iron (again) so on another course of iron
yes,exhaustion always goes hand in hand with these symptoms,am still in dressing gown now (nothing unusual) and so far have had a nap and watched some tv,really ought to do something usefull