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27-03-14, 10:31
Please, who keeps deciding to close these threads? I have found useful info, like the stuff re disabledgardeners but can't ask questions or give advice cuz they are CLOSED....aaaaargh!!!!
disabled ppl love gardens....but heck give us room to comment.

27-03-14, 10:55
Hi Reddevine maybe you could help me ?

I,m not exactly what you'd call green fingered (more like black finger of death ) only house plants but they seem to die on me bought baby bio and stuff even tried talking to em (maybe I bored them to death ) anyhoo want to try and grow some herbs on my kitchen window sill but a bit unsure of what type would be easiest any ideas ?

28-03-14, 08:43
I'm the kiss of death to house plants usually but herbs on the windowsill are usually easy peasy. Have to say, i cheat and buy the ones from the supermarket and then keep em going. Basil is pretty good, you can use it in salads, on pasta, in cooking and give it sun and water and it will be your friend. Chives too, cuz you can cut em down and they grow again. Stirred in cottage cheese. Depends on your garden, house, conservatory whatever you've got reallly.

28-03-14, 12:21
We have opened the last couple of threads, however our system automatically closes threads that are over 6 months old. Sorry for any inconvenience. Regards, DLF Admin

30-03-14, 19:00
Each summer I grow various types of basil on my kitchen window sill. I grow from seed as it's cheaper and more satisfying. You do need plenty of light though.

31-03-14, 07:45
I do grow from seed with other things. But I do need help with the whole setting things up....lifting pots, etc is beyond me, but hey my heart is still in it, even if I have to pay a gardener now.

31-03-14, 07:58
Hi guys gonna start with basil then as it sounds easy

I'm not into growing things as I just fail but I have a digestive disease and tend to have a lot of soups and putting different herbs in to them stops it getting boring

and I shop online and the fresh herbs they send tend to look half dead already so I will give growing my own a bash

thanks xx

31-03-14, 09:55
Growing basil is easy, be careful not to start too many seeds, half a dozen will be plenty of plants. Sow 12 and when they are a couple of inches high pick out the weakest 6 and bin them...Seems cruel maybe, but you dont want to spend time nursung sick plants for a season.
Basil likes conditions much like tomatoes.....In fact I grow them in the same pot.
One tom that is especially suitable for windowsill growing is "Tiny Tim", it has tiny sweet fruit, grows no more than 18" and is quite happy in a 4 to 6" pot. They have a longer season than most and are not so prone to cold ( but not draughts) and with care you can keep these cropping right up to Christmas.

31-03-14, 10:12
getting rather excited about it now and defiantly going to try is coriander easy too ? love carrot and coriander soup

03-04-14, 09:52
Well finally managed (me and the new electric wheelchair to get to wilko's for seeds, then today opened a box from last year....*ooh look! MORE seeds"..........so will wait, get hold of gardener and /or b'friend and i've got some jobs for him.
Just need this bush hacking near the back gate, severely hampering my getting-out-the-back-gate-while-avoiding-shed-door-moves...

03-04-14, 17:45
Wilko is great for gardening stuff in spring/early summer, especially if you have a large store. They do lots of stuff really cheap. If you have a Wyevale/Gardening Centre Group garden centre near you they sell off seeds at 50p a packet in their late summer sale. They then go down to 10p a packet. I get a little carried away and currently have nearly 200 packets of seeds :o

05-04-14, 12:34
Wilko is great for gardening stuff in spring/early summer, especially if you have a large store. They do lots of stuff really cheap. If you have a Wyevale/Gardening Centre Group garden centre near you they sell off seeds at 50p a packet in their late summer sale. They then go down to 10p a packet. I get a little carried away and currently have nearly 200 packets of seeds :o

You could set up a seed swap on your own, catlover! Wilko's yep i got me some good uns from there. I;m restricting by not driving and using buses/electric wheelchair so Wilko's is one i CAN reach. Garden centres, not so much, you need a car for that.
Check out your local allotments as well, they can sell stuff....may be wierd opening hours tho.

05-04-14, 18:21
seed swap is a good system, usually far too many seeds in one packet, who can deal with 3000 4 foot high Nicotiana plants, even if the seeds only cost £1.29? I pack inc wastage is plenty for 4 people. Same with Tom plants, I don`t need to grow 75 of any one plant, but sometimes the seed have a shelf life that means that next spring they are probably not viable. So a share is good.

Anyway, been a nicer day today so pottering in the greenhouse a lot............Just realised how many seeds, or rather seedlings now, I have on the go.
Not much veg yet, but have 6 California Wonder capsicums, 3 Black Beauty courgettes, 3 kinds of lettuce, 3 heads of each ,pick and pick again type, plus 8 Tiny Tim tom plants ( these only grow 18" high) 3 Reisentraube Toms, Bush tom with small cherry toms in bunches like grapes, and 4 gardeners Delight, standard domestic tom...Will probably give half or more of the toms away.
The veg are the easy bit.
Also got trays of:
5 kinds of Lobelia
Dwarf Asters
Morning Glory convulvulus
Amaranth Bleeding heart dwarf
Phlox Grandiflora
Phlox something else, mainly pink
Surfinia crimson
Petunia, just potted on about a hundred of these today, that`s about a third of them. Multicoloured type, not stripey, just solid colours.
Mesembrenthmum ( SP?)
Cosmos Phsyche tall White
Plus the sweetpeas
Spencer Royal mix sweetpea
Spencer Royal pure white
Heaven scent long stemmed and very fragrant pastel colours
Mrs something or other, deep crimson long stemmed.
Another longstemmed strongly scented pale blue type.
About a dozen plants of each type, but only Spencer Royal mix planted out so far ( planted Feb) These were all started last Sept. in the unheated greenhouse. Nice tough plants now.
Also got in pots to plant out ASAP Early Dutch Honeysuckle, another honeysuckle, Lonicera Japonica, and an Osmanthus.
Plus this morning ordered a tray of 48 plant plugs, Begonia Semperflorens.
I think I will be busy enough this year!
Mind you, I have to say, enjoy it as I do, it is so much harder to do the simplest things now.. I mean getting exhausted just potting seedlings is ridiculous but sadly a fact I have to deal with.. Plus the rest.
All this lot and looking after the rest of the garden..........300 foot long and 50 foot wide............Managing though, in a sort of way.
Then there is tending to the guinea pig triplets that have their own abode I built, a bit like and aviary with 3 little wooden homes.
Rosie the rabbit who has the run of the old pigsty,
Then the hens, A cockerel and 4 hens, all Black pekin Bantams, a black silky hen, and a chocolate Orpington hen.
Plus the blackbirds and robins that nest in my old workshop.
So at least I never get time to get bored..........................................

06-04-14, 07:48
Flabbergasted, stree...300 ft long....wooo, you should open as your very own garden centre.. I could not manage a fraction of that, and I'm in awe of someone who can. I do share your frustration at seeing what to do, and not being physically able to DO it!!
Not to mention all the animal life. Well you certainly have enough to keep the compost heap going!