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13-03-14, 12:57
I was recently diagnosed with a rate degenerative brain disease. I initially lost 2 months of work due to having time to adjust to the devastating news. I am now back in work but am struggling. My employers want to take me down medical capability dismissal and my union have asked me to consider ill health retirement as an alternative. I know that there will be a shortfall in being able to cover everyday bills with the retirement. I have been told that i will qualify for the higher tier as my diagnosis is degenerative. I will need to take a job to supplement the pension but am aware that any work i do cold jeopardize the pension. Is there anyone who could let me know the amount of earning I would be eligible to earn without putting my pension at risk. I am very happy to work part time just as long as I can make up the shortfall.

13-03-14, 15:17
This is information that your union could give you as all pension schemes are different.

13-03-14, 16:19
Have you thought of applying for PIP/DLA and ESA? ESA would be reduced because of an occupational pension, but PIP/DLA is not means tested. This might help to fill the shortfall in income. To be honest it really is cheaper to live when you don't have to go to work!

14-03-14, 08:56
Thank you. I am trying to find our exactly what pension I will be allocated. I have a rough estimate. I'll contact my union.
I applied for PIP in November and understand it's an 8 month processing time. I've not considered ESA as I also have savings. I know I will probably be better off not working, it's just an alien concept as I've always worked and would like to work as long as possible.

14-03-14, 09:23
Your pension provider should be able to give you accurate figures. May I ask if you are employed in the public sector, i.e. education or NHS.

14-03-14, 16:37
Im in education. Im a teacher but have only been a teacher for 8 years so am not expecting to get much by way of a pension.

14-03-14, 17:06
Teachers Pensions have fairly complex rules on working post retirement.

My mother was retired early from a Local Authority job on teachers' pay scales during a reorganisation that eliminated her post in the days when the rules on early retirement were rather laxer that today. She started to work as a freelance educational advisor and consultant, and had a period employed as an advisor by another Local Authority, all of which were allowed, as the restriction was on work classed as teaching or paid on teachers' pay scales. However, this was some time ago (she's been over State Pension age for nearly ten years now) and this was not ill-health retirement.

It's well worth discussing the situation with your union, as they will be able to explain exactly what is and isn't allowed following ill-health retirement. You will need to be particularly careful of future employment undermining Teachers' Pensions belief of your medical incapacity to teach.

Have you considered posting on the TES forums, as there may well be people there who have been through medical retirement from teaching?

14-03-14, 17:58
I was in education and there are limits on the type of job you can take, you could, for instance, work on a checkout and it would not affect your teacher's pension. There can be so much earned in the same profession without it affecting your pension too. So if you go on the supply list you really have to watch how many hours you do and how much you earn. You may well be able to get ill health retirement, in which case your pension will be enhanced. On saying that, ill health retirement is very difficult to get, more so in the past few years.
Your union should be able to advise you and attend any meetings with you that you may have with senior management. Do NOT go to any of these meetings unrepresented by your union.
I hope you have a decent rep.

14-03-14, 18:37
Hi Samdenison,

I took ill health early retirement nearly three years ago from the local authority. It's very difficult to be offered ill health retirement these days.

Ill health retirement as a teacher

Can you work after ill health retirement.

Your works Occupational Therapist would arrange for you to see an independent doctor or their view. They will make a recommendation as to what tier you could retire on. This info is then sent to Treasurers who will give you options as to how yu might receive your pension re lump sum and monthly income which will rise each year by CPI not RPI.

In my case the Treasurers requested a second medical from another doctor before offering the top tier pension which sounds great but it also means you ain't going to be around on this ball of clay three score and ten! Strange as it may seem I could work a 35 hour week as long as it's not for a company that runs the same pension scheme I'm paid by. It really isn't alot bt my expenses are quite low so I scrape by without working and no top up benefits.

Unlike my father who lived until 89 his pension was index linked at 5% - unheard of today! Mind you it died with him on Sunday just gone.

14-03-14, 19:34
I have a teachers enhanced pension. It is very restrictive in what you can do as gainful employment. If you are awarded an enhanced pension then your payment will include a calculation based on the number of years until retirement divided by 2, based upon your current salary. There used to be a calculator on the pensions website, don't know if it's still there. If you feel you can still work then it is doubtful if you would get the enhanced pension.

15-03-14, 12:16
Thank you for supplying the information you all have. There is light at the end if the tunnel even if it is only a shaft. Lots to enquire about. Everything happens for a reason in my book. If it's meant to be then it will be.
Lighttouch I am sorry to hear about your father. My thought are with you.

23-03-14, 20:17
I thought I had replied to this thread last week. Apologies for it not being here. I wanted to thank you all for the information you have given me. Certainly food for thought. I have emailed teachers pension for information and am awaiting their reply.

Lighttouch I was so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you