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12-03-14, 09:54
Well i read some interesting stuff on here but the threads are closed!!

So have resorted to starting a new one, about the subject of raised beds in answer to some queries in previous threads.
My raised beds are made from old tyres. You can get em FREE from any place like kwik-fit or the tip.
They can go on bare earth or even slabs. People not likely to nick em. (for Stephen in Leeds)
I put black membrane down first to suppress weeds and aid with heat retention. The broken crocks or gravel. Then fill with either brought compost or your homemade stuff and whizzo plant away.
Obviously i got help with the heavy lifting bits here, having MS myself. bit I've grown lillies, ornamental gourds, and tri-colour maize and rubekias in em.
Yeah proper posh raised beds will cost a bomb but think outside the box (sorry!) and adapt a ton of stuff ppl don't want.
And for the person who wanted to know difficulties face by disabled gardeners, pleas get in touch....your threads are CLOSED...how can we answer?

20-03-14, 13:30

20-03-14, 16:54
well I am, will be posting soon!

21-03-14, 19:07
Well damn its nice to know theres someone reading these things! I was so gutted that all those other threads were closed!

21-03-14, 19:37
I am looking into the possibility of having raised beds in the near future when I have my garden landscaped. I am looking forward to having a garden I can cope with other than grass cutting.

21-03-14, 21:03
Threads are closed after a period of inactivity, mostly to prevent spammers from reviving them.

The gardening forum hasn't been that active for a while, but if you start posting new threads (including on topics of closed threads that interest you) you'll encourage others to join in.

22-03-14, 16:19
What happened to my reply containing a link to an article abt vertical planting?

22-03-14, 16:44
What happened to my reply containing a link to an article abt vertical planting?

Often replies go through the moderators and then appear some time later. Its usually a random thing, as far as i know.

22-03-14, 18:05
Started planting my September sown sweetpeas last week. Soil is warming up now..

25-03-14, 16:53
What happened to my reply containing a link to an article abt vertical planting?

My link was removed so try again, you may be interested to go to www.permaculture.co.uk and search "vertical planting"
Very interesting as disabled properties tend to have small gardens and also it makes the plants HIGHER up to reach.

27-03-14, 10:23
I'd like to schedule a shopping trip to get seeds, but a lousy cold and cough means I should avoid crowded shops for a bit. after that, be contacting my handy gardening bloke. Need a few hedges trimming (to get out the garden gate with electric chair). some black plastic blown up so that need replacing....its been mostly rain rain and rain here. Dry weather, we dream, we dream...

27-03-14, 16:13
Why go to shops to get seeds? I know its nice to look at the packets and choice, but any shop bought seeds or plug plants now by me are just the impulse buys........ I always shop online for seeds, plugplants etc, even gro-bags. Far more choice and much more competitive, plus, the internet never runs out of stock.............
I can recommend some good places for seeds online.
Saying that, I visited a nursery this morning, a local one ( I know the owner) an got some seed trays and small bags of basket compost.
Its just as much a social thing as a shopping trip for me there though, its not like going to B&Q for some pelargoniums.....Plus my little local nursery can supply me with such as lime, potash, vermiculite, horticultural sand and so on in the quantities I need it in and at bulk price..Now that`s not available online.

I have got lots and lots started in the greenhouse and heated propagator now, but that will do for another thread.

27-03-14, 21:09
Sorry but we have had a fabulously sunny march, very little rain. Everything in the garden is growing so it's a good job I have managed to find a super duper man to help with all things gardening! I used to enjoy learning and doing gardening but now I can only look and admire others handy work.

28-03-14, 08:48
Asking a woman, why shopping? come on stree, we live to shop! well I only wanna go to Wilko's cuz I got cheap bit good seeds last year. the b/friend is a demon for online seeds and plants.....soooooooo easy to spend on online.......hahaha too bloody easy!!!
The heavy stuff? that will require the sending out of minions. where are minions when you need em???

02-05-14, 11:37
Wilko's is great for gardening, and yep you've probably put your beans out too early! Celavie.

I've got strawberry's from seed this year and some grim creepers!

*waves* the seed demon!