View Full Version : Mobile Phone Usability Questionnaire for the Visually Impaired

04-03-14, 22:47
Hi, I am a final year student at Loughborough University studying Industrial Design and Technology.

I am currently conducting research for my dissertation which focuses on the usability of mobile phones for visually impaired users. I have prepared a questionnaire to evaluate the ways in which visually impaired people use their mobile phones, and how easy they find them to use.

If you are a visually impaired mobile phone user, I would really appreciate your input! The questionnaire should take less than 30 minutes to complete, and your opinions will be invaluable to my research. I have attached the questionnaire to this post; full details and instructions are included within the document for its completion and return via e-mail.

Thanks in advance for your help!

05-03-14, 10:57
Just a point. You're asking visually impaired people to complete a form.

Have you considered the barriers to such a task online.

Many blind people will use software called 'Jaws'. Visually impaired people use software called 'Supa Nova'. In other words unless a sighted person fills out your survey on behalf of your targeted audience you won't get many responses.

How about applying for a grant then getting a focus group together. Contact the RNIB to find out where the nearest club of visually impaired people meet. Offer to pay travel expenses and offer gift vouchers in exchange for attending.

Another thing - offer feedback to people who take part. There's nothing worse than taking part in research and not knowing if your input has led anywhere.

05-03-14, 11:11
Hi, thank you for your reply.

I am working with my local RNIB college on this project. My reason for posting here was in the hope that I may get a few extra responses for my research. The form has been designed for use with screen readers to make the process easier, but I do understand your point.