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23-02-14, 11:15
Hey guys,

I am currently working on design project where i intend to design and develop a child stroller that is attached to the wheelchair. The stroller will be attached to the front rigging of the wheelchair and will consist of an aluminium tube with a bar used to adjust the height of the baby seat. The design will not contain any wheel as the front wheels on the wheelchair should be enough to propel the wheelchair.

Is this product that wheelchair users with children desire?

I would appreciate it if you could give feedback on your experience of carrying/transporting a child while sitting in a wheelchair by completing a survey.




22-03-14, 10:38
Hi Guys,

Could you please describe what it means to have a disability in one sentence.

Also if you are a wheelchair user could you also tell me what it means to have a wheelchair in one sentence as well. Thanks

22-03-14, 11:52
There isn't an easy sentence to describe as you are using the Medical Model of disability, which views disability as a 'problem' that belongs to the disabled individual.

Most people on here will describe themselves using the Social Model of disability, the world around us are the disabling factors and not our bodies, those steps are the barrier not the fact I can't climb them.