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12-02-14, 12:55
Hi everybody

We are 6 engineering students at The Technical University of Denmark. We are currently working on a project, which aims to help disabled and elderly people interact with their pet dog(s).
The overall concept is a ball thrower able to throw tennis balls up to 20 meters. There are already products available to help you throw balls, but they still require I certain amount of movability and strength in the shoulder and arms.
The project is still on idea level, and we would therefor like you to contribute, with specific requirements and ideas, that would make you interested in this kind of device.

Søren Damgaard Pedersen

13-02-14, 12:38

You could look at this product http://www.dlf-data.org.uk/product.php?product_id=0104469&groupid=1697 for some ideas and input. However, this product has been discontinued or the supplier of the product hasn't updated the details for over 3 years!

Best wishes

DLF team