View Full Version : Do you use a mobility scooter?

16-12-13, 17:00
I am a researcher with the Accessibility Research Group at University College London. I am carrying out a project that is trying to understand the long-term impacts of mobility scooters on health and quality of life.

The number of people who own or have access to a Mobility Scooter has risen dramatically in the last decade and is increasing every year. This has meant that more people who have difficulty walking have been able to remain active in their local area.

The long term impact of mobility scooter use has not been researched at all. Empirical evidence showing the benefits and disadvantages of scooter is needed.

I am looking for mobility scooter to users to answer a questionnaire. The questionnaire should take 5 minutes to fill out and can be emailed or posted (using freepost) back to me. The results will help inform ongoing research. The questionaire is too big to upload here. If you would be able to fill it in please email r.thoreau@ucl.ac.uk .

thanks in advance!!