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05-11-13, 12:56
Hi Everyone,

Hope this finds you well, this is my first post so I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Sam and I'm currently studying mechanical engineering at university. As part of a group project we have decided to design an All-terrain wheelchair capable of navigating tough obstacles such as stairs, kerbs, steep hills and general humps and bumps. However, our experience of electric wheelchairs is very basic, so I wondered if you could maybe give us a hand.

I've created a survey which serves to examine the main problems with powerchairs when faced with tough obstacles, how you each feel about your current wheelchair and what you would change if you had the chance.

It would be fantastic if I could get as much help as possible, so thank you very much in advance and I look forward to hearing your feedback


The link to the survey is:

However, please feel free to leave comments on this forum with any other questions, info etc. Cheers!

28-01-15, 09:28
Hi Sam, I was most interested in your research until i realised that it only purported to powered chairs. We are having so much trouble finding an all terrain self propelled chair, as my husband is not allowed a powered one; he is on so much Morphine that he would be " a danger to himself and others " !
Good luck with your project.