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30-10-13, 18:19
Well the season is almost done in the greenhouse, just two tom plants and some peppers waiting to be harvested and then composted.
I have already planted ( 2 weeks ago) next years sweetpeas, 2 seeds per 8" deep by 4" dia pots. I use spray painters waxed paint measuring cups. Easy to transplant to final position this way.
, these come in a 50 pack and are quite cheap. Just poke some drainage holes in the bottom.
Seedlings are all about 3 inches high now.They will be planted out in position in February. I have had sweetpeas to pick by 1st May !
Other thing I am getting ready is my home made propagator, I had great success with this with plants for this year.
I have a diary thing of making this if anyone is interested. It doubles as a cold frame when not a propagator.
I always have some nicotiana overwintering too, just a few root cuttings in a seed tray of compost and lots of little plants ready for next year, Although they will grow to 3 feet tall they restrict the growth in the tray to about 8 inches maximum.
Sorting out my seed packets for spring as well, so I am organised at sowing time.
Gardenings a lot tougher than it used to be, but one adapts to suit. ( hopefully)

sea queen
31-10-13, 09:59
Good to see you are enjoying your garden and getting it organised and ship shape.
I enjoy gardening but do very little these days as I had to put everything in tubs (flowers) due to asthma.
Hubby mows the lawns and cuts the trees and I put the colour in

31-10-13, 19:06
Me too, mainly pots and containers..........

Busy Bee
03-12-13, 16:37

Yes please I would like to hear about your diary. At the moment I am using old milk cartons and which I have planted in my cold greenhouse

Spring bulbs
Onion sets
Sweet William
Spring cabbage

All Best wishes and regards