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23-07-13, 17:24
Right, *rolls sleeves up* I have a bramble problem

I moved into my home 7 years ago ... yes the problem is 7 years old! :( it was a lovely big house with large gardens, the back garden however was a mess with bramble re-rooting over and over again. I cut it all back and started to dig. I managed to dig the roots out (or so I thought) yet low and behold, it came back the year after, I dug again and again it came back :mad:

I've tried root-out and several different poisons - including a concoction of my own :confused: with root-out, pathclear and weed killer in one mix. I've also creosoted the ground where it grows and nothing has worked.

I'm told that, with it being in the country, it was hedging so it's deep in the ground - I can't get down deep enough to get to it :( please can anyone help me ... *on knees beggin*

thank you

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23-07-13, 21:29
I'm afraid it's poison or fire and digging up the roots, it can be years and I mean ten or twenty years of this before they go, and it takes just one bird to drop a seed and your off again, they are like this for a reason, they spread take over .

No real cure you have tried the poisons and digging up the roots is really the only sure cure, or concrete it over.

23-07-13, 21:53
Hi Minxy, this is kinda my thing, I love clearing brambles from hedging cos they strangle the hedge. First thing to remember is pull out by hand, remove brambles to either the tip or cut into short lengths and burn.

This is for 2 reasons, one brambles root where the fronds touch the ground, there they sprout out branches, so you cant leave on the property or they will just grow back into the ground and start again.

Secondly if you cut using a strimmer each little piece you cut off which hits the ground will root and grow a new spear.

If you are going to try and poison them well i've never failed to get rid of brambles but i would say round up and if necessary inject into the root ball, trouble with any effective poisons is you then get nasties like ragwort growing in their place and that stuff is poisonous, plus you can be prosecuted if you allow it to spread from your land to grazing land, so I'd always go for the hand pulling!

24-07-13, 01:47
We're also plagued with them everywhere, and like you have tried everything. Digging out roots is impossible for me now., so I just keep cutting them down as best I can 2 or 3 times a year. . Only good thing about them is food for the wild birds. Our garden is very large which was great when young and fit , not so good now. Amazing how quickly nature takes over and things revert to the wild.

24-07-13, 06:32
One other thought, Brambles can't be used for hedging, they are something which grow in hedging as a weed, when left untamed they will grow into a lovely tangled ball, max height 10 feet and as thick as up to 20 feet, they'll grow the length of the hedge they are rooting in. Now Dog Rose which I think is protected, or Rose Hip does look like brambles if it has been neglected or strangled by Brambles and you do have to be careful not to yank this out when hand pulling, D Rose can be grown into trees so presume would be able to use as hedging. Me thinks you may be confusing one with t'other!

07-09-14, 10:04
Brambles are a bugger and like folks say, keep coming back (like Terminator). IF your health is bad I'd call in the big guns and hire a Professional. Brambles will do your back in digging em up and rip your hands dragging em out... and the poisons aren't doing the rest of the garden any favours. So "man with JCB" or similar may be required to do a radical removal jobbie!

08-09-14, 16:24
At this time of year the fruit of the bramble (blackberries) is ripe.

Bramble pies, bramble jelly, bamble jam, bramble cakes, bramble fool, even bramble gin and bramble marshmallows.
Loads of bramble recipies online.

If life gives you brambles, eat them.

Heres just one bramble jelly recipie from the "eatweeds" website.

Bit of a laugh, the local supermarket is selling blackberries at £2 a punnet and people are actually buying them!
100 meters down the road and 5 mins picking they could have the same for free, there must be thousands of tons of blackberries in the local hedgerows.

08-09-14, 18:39
yes, that would have been my answer too, crumble is my fave

11-09-14, 22:55
If your going down the poison road, selective weedkiller, applied correctly over a period, should work. And removing as much root as possible.

As for the eating. If you've been nuking em with herbicides, I'd leave the fruit well alone for over 5 years, after you stop spraying.!


Apply accordingly and at suitable times. Ie NOT when its breezy or when pollinators are out. To do so is rather ignorant!

I've managed to more or less eradicate unwanted ash saplings from an area with a correctly mixed selective herbicide.

And as with usual disclaimer warning. Use biocides with care and responsibly.