View Full Version : landscape companies ?

29-05-13, 10:09
Can anyone reccomend landscape gardeners around Doncaster /barnsly area please ?

29-05-13, 10:33
Sorry, not my area. I have been having the same problem. I need a lot of work on my gardens. I actually posted to one of my local Facebook groups and had some good recommendations. Also try local newspapers. I am having someone out next week to price up the job. I am going to ask him for photos etc of work he has done. Always try to get testimonials from satisfied customers. I am not sure if there is an organization that deals with accredited people, like the ones for builders, plumbers etc. I will scout the web and see if I can find any more info for you.

29-05-13, 10:35
Just had a quick look and they have them on Rated people.com. Not sure if any in your area, but worth a try.

29-05-13, 11:43
These may be able to help.

29-05-13, 12:02
Great link beau, thank you.

30-05-13, 08:49
thank you Im going to check it all out over my eleven'ses

31-05-13, 08:14
If you have a look on Sheffield forum, they have a recommended thread for all different sorts of trade, you might find someone from that and its not that far from you, I should imagine you are in an area that they would cover.

31-05-13, 08:46
Well, I have just arranged appointments for monday and tuesday for people to come and quote me for work on my gardens. I am not expecting it to be cheap, but hopefully it will be reasonable. I just want low maintenance and be able to sit outside and enjoy my garden.