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17-05-13, 09:53
I am going for my first back in to work interview this afternoon . Never been in a job centre.What questions will I be asked will these be personel questions like how do I manage in a day for example toileting ? I need help .
or are they just sort of questions about what work can I do ,I just dont know what to expect . I think I posted a similar question on here before but I cant remember what others said in answer . I am dreading it .

17-05-13, 10:18
Hi lucky513513 i haven't been to one so don't know but what i can gather most people say they not bad at all i hope it goes well for you and let us know how it went .good luck xx

17-05-13, 10:23
Is the interview because you are in WRAG ESA or because you have been taken off benefits. If it is ESA then ascertain if the person you see is a disability advisor. They have a bit more knowledge and understanding as a rule. If you will have difficulties finding suitable work due to disability/illness, they can help a lot. Good luck.

17-05-13, 11:17
It is for the work related group I have not being taken off benefits . they put on the report that i will be working within 18 months

17-05-13, 11:24
I don't know much about WRAG, but I think you just go in to discuss how things are going, talk about what sort of things you can do, what sort of work may be appropriate when you are ready etc. Maybe someone else in the forum will have had experience of this and can advise you more.

17-05-13, 11:28
my husband usualy helps me to sit down , get up etc can he come in with me/

17-05-13, 11:48
I don't see why your husband could not accompany you Lucky. Even if he was not allowed to sit in on the interview, I am sure he would be allowed to help you into the chair etc. Just explain to the advisor that you need your hubby's help/support.

17-05-13, 12:16
Bloody hell ! How can someone be found fit for work if they need a Carer ..:mad:

17-05-13, 14:46
Babyblue has got it right. It's quite an informal discussion, and your Advisor is trained for discussions with people with disabilities. I am in the WRAG Group, and my PA simply asked at my first interview, how my health issues affect me; do I feel I could do any kind of work. Subsequent visits then consist of: has anything changed since I last saw you? How are you feeling now etc. The only thing I thought odd - at the first interview I wasn't asked what kind of work I used to do. I actually took my CV with me thinking that if they thought I should be seeking work, they would have a good idea of what jobs to look for. So, no, it is not to actually seek work for you, but simply an ongoing process of following your progress/deterioration.

Yes, you can take a carer or friend with you for support. If you need assistance, they do need to see that need. Even if you don't require assistance, you can have a friend with you just for moral or emotional support.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. I really hope it will be a positive experience for you. Susie

17-05-13, 18:46
Hi , I have got through it ! and thank you so much for all the advice and feedback,
I think the worst bit was when I asked " could you show me where the disabled toilet is please "
and I was told that there was'not one . I was so nervus as I have bladder problems , we had been stuck in traffic for 20 mins and I had started with the panics of getting there on time .
We were kept waiting but it problebly seemed longer than it actualy was plus having not had any sleep last night didnt help - but that was with my usual pain and counting the hours till my next lot of tablets which are 8 in 24 hours.
The lady I saw was very nice and understanding iust as susieboots explained . She could see I was uncomfortable with it all and said if when I needed to go to the loo she would take us . It was a disabled loo so plenty of space for me and hubby to help me.I was not given another appointment but she told me about craft day classes if once I get over the depression I might be intrested . Its just with everything else with this parking ticket and appeal for benefit its getting to me
so i will wait and see .once again thankyou,i will keep upto date on here.

17-05-13, 19:18
Really glad it was okay for you. Were you aware that no-one can refuse a disabled person to use their staff toilet? Even petrol stations!

18-05-13, 08:58
Hi Lucky. I will echo what susie said, happy it all went ok, well as good as it could be given the stress etc.
Susie, I did not know that people could not refuse use of a staff toilet for disabled people, thanks for the info.

18-05-13, 10:26
My pleasure, I can't remember where or who I obtained that information, only that I remember it was a reliable source.

27-05-13, 15:39
I know this post has come to a natural end really but I remembered years ago when I was self catheterising and I asked in Boots if there was a toilet I could use and was old no ! Perhaps this is a new rule. It's difficult though because if they say no, where do you go from there ? I am much more disabled now so need disabled toilets so staff ones (unless disabled) oils be no good anyway.

Do you know when this rule came in SB ? I know the Spina Bifida charities do cards explaining that people may need to use a toilet ASAP along with IBS charities too

27-05-13, 16:05
Hi Maureen, I am only informed that you need to state you are disabled and have a condition which requires you to access a toilet. If they refuse, request to see the Manager. I will make enquiries, as I am sure others will on this subject.

Have you got a Radar key incidentally? For public disabled loos. If not, you can buy one at any shopmobility outlet for £3 which will give access all over the country.

18-07-13, 09:07
Glad it went well! Although I find it shocking tat they didn't have a disabled toilet..

18-07-13, 09:47
In my experience I found/find these WFI a waste of their time and mine.Had my first WFI in December last year and received a letter to attend a second one in a few weeks.Between these appointments I have never heard a peep from them