View Full Version : Are you or your friends affected by PIP? Have your questions answered by experts!

08-04-13, 14:11
Catch21 is a charitable production company which produces videos and other new media content to help engage young people with politics and their communities.

We're currently launching a new show where young people can send in their questions to experts who will then answer them during the programme.

Our next episodes covers the changes to Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

If you, member of your family or your friend are affected by the new PIP system and you have many doubts and questions that need to be answered, e-mail our producer Maciej at maciej@catch21.co.uk with your questions now!

The questions will be carefully selected and featured in the episode.

Our experts are always representatives of the parliament, organisations or foundations that are knowledgeable about issues covered.

The video will be uploaded on our website - www.catch21.co.uk - as well as our YouTube channel.

E-mail your questions to maciej@catch.21.co.uk and watch them being answered in the show!

Thank you.