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08-03-13, 12:33
Hi everyone,

I've been asking around to talk to people about their experiences with direct payments for some research I have been doing. I am also looking to talk to people about their experiences with Personal Assistants. There has been a lot of coverage in the news about carers treating people in care homes badly etc. What are your experiences with Personal Assistants who are unregulated?

Has anybody had any problems?

Would be great to hear some personal experiences

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sea queen
08-03-13, 13:25
In our area P/A's have to be registered. You cannot use your D/P unless they are.
I for one certainly wouldn't entertain anyone who wasn't registered or CRB checked

08-03-13, 21:38
There seem to be a lot of people coming on the site asking our opinions etc about disability stuff,is this usual as I am quite new here.I just feel as if we are being asked a lot of questions. Maz

08-03-13, 22:30
Hi Maz, you're on the part of the forum for research etc. Hope that helps

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08-03-13, 22:34
Nope at one time they use to get four five a day on these sites, the problem is if you help them out you rarely get any feed back on your help.

But you may well that your ISP address is sold or that you end up with emails pestering your email box about goods.

The simple reality this is not the best place to come for help on disabled matter in your locality, because the site has people from all over the country, if you want to something ask the council go to the university disability officer they'd have all the advice help they need.

08-03-13, 22:39
What area are you from? Personal Assistants aren't regulated by the Care Quality Commission (or so I've been told). Is it different in your area and if so why?

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13-03-13, 21:26
Not me sorry once bitten twice shy is the saying