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07-03-13, 17:06
Hello there,

I am a 2nd year Product Design student at York St John University. For our 3rd year project and thesis we have been instructed to come up with our own ideas and briefs for our projects.

I have decided to research into and design a product based on kitchen appliances and tableware for those with physical disabilities and the elderly.

I write this post today to gain information about what products do motor impaired people and the elderly want to see in their kitchens to make it easier and more comfortable for them.

If anyone has any information on this topic and could get back to me as soon as possible, I would be very greatful and this would go towards my research into designing a quality, successful product that may improve the lives of a disabled and elderly person in the future.

Thanks again.
Kind regards,

Chris Dove.

07-03-13, 19:33
Lower height wall cupboards with soft close doors and cantilever fittings to bring items forward.Space for wheel chairs to comfortably access worktops.Lower electric plugs.Plugs and taps designed with weak hands in mind.Sink unit with a seat under not a cupboard to allow a user to do washing up seated if required.Light pans and crockery.Cutlery with soft handles.Non slip/easy cleaned flooring.Electric can openers on worktop.Take your pick!

08-03-13, 13:43
Thanks for your reply. This information is very helpful. Will definitely consider these areas.

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08-03-13, 14:02
I would enjoy plates with handles , because I have trouble picking them up, I already have a cup with two handles, yes space for a wheelchair but generally bringing things down to my height. cookers I can reach