View Full Version : Server problems this afternoon

18-04-11, 16:11
We had some database issues this afternoon which led to the forums being down for a few hours. Everything is fixed now, sorry for the interruption.

DLF Team

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18-04-11, 16:28
It was tired, needed a bit of a rest or could not stop laughing.

18-04-11, 19:38
This is faceless communication.

DLF forum Team - mmm. You're the person who deals with IT issue. The HTML

Let me guess. A guy in late twenties, on facebook, and Twitter and secretly would prefer an Applemac. You're aspiring to buy an Applei Iphone 4 - but wait my friend as Apple will be launching a new mid-range cheaper phone to combat the Koreans HTC dominance.

Long live the Appleipad2

18-04-11, 21:16
Thanks for letting us know DLF team.. much appreciated. :)

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18-04-11, 21:58
It was a large eyed bug from the planet zog, a virus, I've spent most of the evening cleaning a dam virus from my computer.