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23-02-13, 22:52
Just thought I would mention that, should anyone wish to start studying with The Open University, and have not studied at higher education level before, are on benefits/or have an income of under £25,000, you can apply for an Openings Course and a Level 1 course for £75.00 - Usual cost would be over £3,000.00.

Thats 75 credits that you can put towards a Higher Education Certificate, Diploma or Degree.

Also the first course is about 6 hours per week distance learning.

I am in receipt of Income Support and the funding does not affect my benefits.

24-02-13, 10:31
Interesting post - thanks.

Capt billabong
29-05-13, 20:06
Iam thinking of open uni in astronomy level 1 and 2 mmm ill ask what they can do I for me.

29-05-13, 20:20
Was thinking of learning Social Security law, but couldn't afford even the £75 asking price...

Don't think i could get my head around even the most basic of learning any more either...