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21-02-13, 14:17
I am a postgraduate student at Nottingham Trent University, studying Engineering Management and undertaking a short market research on Customer satisfaction of elderly and disabled people in the tourism sector. This questionnaire consists of seven questions and is absolutely confidential; the information obtained will be used solely for the purpose intended. Moreover, you are under no obligation to complete it and you can stop at any stage of it.
There is no known or anticipated risk to you by participating in this research and your information will be kept confidential and protected at all times.
Kindly voluntarily participate in this study, Please click link below.
Thank you.


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21-02-13, 14:39
I cannot for the life of me understand a why an engineering student would want to know this

21-02-13, 14:57
Thanks for your response treborc.
I am working on a coursework where i have to improve the customer service in a tourism organisation. My intended market is the elderly and disabled people, and i would like to know what difficulties are presently being experienced during tours and how to improve quality in order to achieve better customer satisfaction.

The coursework is more of a management oriented pathway than engineering.
I hope i answered your question.
Please feel free to ask more questions and help with the questionnaire.
Thank you