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18-02-13, 20:57

I'm a third year psychology student at the University of Liverpool looking for participants for my dissertation project. The aim of this research is to assess the perceptions people hold towards those with disabilities, and how we can challenge such perceptions in the future. The study involves a questionnaire that only takes a few minutes. The questionnaire can be accessed via the following link…


Any participants would be greatly appreciated.

Best, Robert. :D

*Note: For section '(C)', if you are unemployed, please use a previous employment, failing this, an old/current school cohort.

19-02-13, 07:07
I can't access this from work, but I'll have a go at filling it in when I get home

Devil's advocate
19-02-13, 07:52
Done and dusted.
Very happy to help.

19-02-13, 12:01
Thanks guys, really appreciated.

19-02-13, 20:45
Done, really interesting survey. Would be nice to see the results when you're done too.

19-02-13, 22:31
Hi Paul, thanks for part-taking.

It will hopefully by published by June via the Uni of Liverpool. I'll try and remember to post it when it is completed!