View Full Version : PAID interview - Has being overweight made you ill - now you're claiming benefits?

11-02-13, 17:15
Closer magazine is looking to speak with women, aged between 18-35 who are overweight/obese and cannot work because of their size.

This could be because of an illness which relates to your weight - or if you feel you cannot work because of your weight (whether this be due to anxiety issues/or prejudice)

If this relates to YOU - we would love to hear from you.

We would conduct a telephone interview with you - and you would receive a quote read back to ensure that you feel that you have been fairly represented.

We pay on publication - fee is negotiable.

You will need to be named and pictured.

For a friendly chat to find out more - please call or email Ellie Henman.

0207 208 3576
07590 802979