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09-02-13, 22:48
I have been on DLA for about 20 years (high rate mobility and middle rate carers) I had an accident as a child (6 months old) and had 3 toes amputated through hospital negligence and skin grafts and operations until I was 15 years old. I have been to posture clinics/chiropodists since I was 18 (very embarrasing) and have problems with my walking and feet for again 20 years. I have now suffered from depression for 10 years, I feel it is due to not working no social contact anymore and it is only getting worse. I am married with 2 grown up children and now feel if I do not get out in the real world again then my life is not worth living anymore. I have been doing my husbands book work since July this year (of which I informed DLA) but again Im alone doing this. I was informed from the man at DLA that I could do my husbands book work (of which I do not take a wage) as I am sitting down and it would not be a problem. So my question is I have applied for 2 vacancies recently (very daunting after all these years) the one I would love to be in was at a doctors surgery of which I explained to them my situation ie I needed to be seated whilst working etc so if I was offered this job do you think I would be ok seeing as I would be in the best place possible ie a doctors surgery for carers help that I receive. I will be contacting dla should I be offered this position, but I am so worried that I could loose my dla if I accepted it. If there advice is no then it would mean the rest of my life isolated from society due to an acccident I had at such a young age it seems so unfair. Any advice would be so much appreciated.

09-02-13, 22:57
DLA is not a means tested benefit which means you can work without losing it.

I work upwards of 40 hours a week at a desk. I'm a qualified electrical/aerospace engineer and was working with my hands until my mid-20s, I then (after becoming disabled with spinal arthritis) retrained by going to University and qualifying as a Professional Engineer so I could get a desk job. I would have gone mad if I couldn't have carried on working, I have done since I left school.

I would start slowly if they will let you as it will take time (a few weeks maybe) to get used to full-time hours.

Oh, and well done and good luck with your new job.

Also contact Access to Work who will help with any adjustments that you need for your desk arrangements, it's a free service with brilliant people who will come and assess your needs. https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work/overview

10-02-13, 09:16
Many thanks for the reply Paul, it seems dla is now such a mine field, if I do not manage to acquire these jobs oh by the way they are both (part time). My next thought would be childminding as I would have to do numerous courses/school runs and I would be meeting other child minders (hence getting me out of the house) What are your thoughts on this?? Many Thanks Hayley

10-02-13, 13:14
Receptionist job sounds better to me Hayley,mixing with people and being in a safe environment,doing a worthwhile job.
Not that childminding isnt!.You would still be 'at home'have to have insurance to cover,home visits/checks.Dont forget small ones need a lot of time on your feet so the other job sounds good to me,also you could train to become a medical secretary or practice manager,do first aid course.Best of luck whatever you decide,having the DLA behind you will be good.Dont forget thats also under a big shakeup and people are being interviewed for this changing to PIP.Maz x

10-02-13, 13:18
You also have to be OFSTED inspected. Don't go down that nightmare road/

10-02-13, 14:29
Hi Hayley,

Stick with the surgery job. I volunteer at my local surgery so I can't see you having any difficulties.
Child-minding is a very tough job, I know I couldn't do it even though I love kids.

10-02-13, 15:31
Dont forget you can do voluntary work.Put your name down for your local hospitals voluntary schemes,charity shops,wrvs,reading aide at school.Class asst.Helping at your local animal centre I know mine is always looking for people to help out.Delivering meds to people at home.Calling on elderly/lonely folk at home.

10-02-13, 17:18
This is the place to go for volunteering http://www.do-it.org.uk/ opportunities with charities.