View Full Version : Need help from Disabled Students for Dissertation!

21-01-13, 00:14
Hi everyone,

My name is Amy :)

I'm currently studying Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds, hoping people can help with my Dissertation!
I am doing a study on the social experiences and inclusion of Disabled Students at University. In order to reflect the real social experiences of disabled students, I would to talk to university students with different types of impairment (i.e. physical impairments, sensory impairments, learning difficulties and mental illness).

If you are a disabled student and are happy to talk to me about your social life at University, fill in my online questionnaire by clicking…… https://www.survey.leeds.ac.uk/soc

If you have any questions about this study please email me (Amy) at = ss10a2w@leeds.ac.uk
Thanks for reading!

21-01-13, 00:54
I was a disabled student - does that count? I graduated in 2007.

21-01-13, 01:24
Hi Paul,

Yes thats fine!

question 3 does say "where are you studying currently?" if you could just put where you did study and graduated in 2007 that would be great :)

also for question 4 please put what your highest qualification whether thats under grad or post grad or what have you :)

Thanks in advance! :)

21-01-13, 07:44
I've done the best I can.