View Full Version : So the government want to help disabled people into work

sea queen
30-12-12, 17:25
How will this unfold. Wheelchair user, needs accessible building and help with personal care maybe a scribe? Will they provide a PA -if the disabled person manages to find employment in an accessible place?
Does anyone actually KNOW how the government proposes to assist people in this - how much would a PA cost? Will this make money paid out to the person with disabilities MORE than before they found work.
Or are they talking people with disabilities who are able to do work independantly?
I can't get my head around how cost effective this is going to be - they are after all trying to claw back in money

30-12-12, 17:44
Hi Sea Queen.

If a disabled person is suitable for a job but needs additional support then that person must 'self refer' to JobcentrePlus 'Access to Work' team - the Governments best kept secret!!



30-12-12, 19:04
It works too.

They helped me to stay employed as an engineer, and my friend who is in a wheelchair also.
I advised my employers on how to create an accessible workplace during refurbishment works a few years ago.

sea queen
30-12-12, 22:14
That sounds pretty good. Why then are they taking money off the disabled to give it back in these programmes if it's ALL about them reaping money back in? Surely it will cost just as much if not more for them to do this.
Don't get me wrong I am not saying disabled people should just stay at home and get benefits, but why all this up heaval in a bid to so called get money back in by changing the system of payments. Think my head must be fuzzed